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  1. Robster

    License / Deauthorise

    Good evening, so that means that I will not be able to activate my plane, which I still paid 72dollars. I am disgusted.. thank you x-aviation. Too bad I give up I do not think buy any more at home. I want to fall back on Zibo, which is free for him.
  2. Robster

    License / Deauthorise

    Hello me it's similar it's more than one month me that I expect it unblocks my activation of IXEG and skymax.I am an old customer at home.it's a pity they do not take his customers into consideration .
  3. IXEG New version 1.21 How do I intercept the LOC correctly? The frequency is well recognized by the plane the signal moves well for capturing them and thereafter does not stall? Do we have to avoid firing at the last moment to intercept the LOC? Thank you.