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  1. It seems that the taxi and landing light are just barely visible from the cockpit and don't seem to project any past the nose of the aircraft making it tough at night to 1. remain centered on the runway as you flare and 2. to see the taxi signs upon taxiing.
  2. separ8tor

    Ovation 2 Audio Panel

    In the Ovation 2 with the default 530/430 and the gma340 audio panel the com1 receive light flashes very quickly constantly and am unable to select any other transmit or receive buttons. If and atis/awos frequency is tuned it says the first couple of words then stops, pauses, then repeats. If you click the pilot knob under the marker beacon lights then the com1 mic button lights, the com1 receive light goes steady and you can then select com2 or any other buttons and the coms then function normally and you can receive a full atis broadcast. Is this just something with my system or something else?
  3. separ8tor

    Ovation 2 Speed Brakes

    Maybe it's just my old eyes but i have looked at every switch on the Ovation 2 panel and I can't find a switch for the speed brakes. Also, with the GTN 750 installed in the panel, when using the com radio for the atis the audio starts then stops after a couple of words then it repeats this cycle. When trying to change to com 2 with the audio panel function it switches back to com 1 after a couple of seconds. The default Cessna with the GTN 750 works as it should. Both the GTN and the Ovation are the latest versions.