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    Take off trim settings

    Hi sorry if this topic has already been discussed but tried to find the solution of the issue but couldn't therefore i am here to find the answer of the problem. bought Saab 340 A month ago tried and found amazing aircraft but there are couple of things i need to discuss TAKE OF PITCH TRIM SETTING Really annoying behavior during take off even trim bugs nearly 80% up (near the top end of green bar) with around 70% load (fuel and pax) but still i have to pull the yoke nearly 80% to get the aircraft off the ground as for me it feels like that aircraft is not ready yet speed 110 to 115 knots with flaps 7 but even after take off if try to relax the yoke a little bit above 1000 ft towards normal position the plane immediately start rapid descend unless i keep the yoke in the same position until aircraft reach more then 150 knots then it stops descending and at this stage it wants me to trim the nose down. I flew most of the aircraft's from all pmdg to Maj dash 8 and Cessna and never experienced that struggle for take off even lower trim settings. In fact i tried tutorial and followed all the setting including i make sure that coarsen is on. and light illuminated (as light is tooo low)after 64% trq I tried saitek pro flight yoke and now using honeycomb but same results Secondly engine readings are weird but i read few articles regarding the changes in x plane 11 and this issue will be addressed third one is aircraft banking to left side during takeoff but that is natural behavior which is fine. so main problem is the issue with take off and if set the trim on lower side of green bar then i have to pull the yoke all the way to make the aircraft up. Can somebody pls shed some light on this issue and explain if this a issue or its normal behavior as i never experienced that level of struggle for take off. thanks Adil