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  1. Pirx

    Let L-410 (HA-LAR)

    Great images! You are making a superb job. I really want to fly an airplane like this one, with turboprops and about this side, and this 410 can't look better.
  2. Pirx

    Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    What a great development for a very intesting aircraft!
  3. Pirx

    Once upon a time.......

    Each liverie is better than the previous one, and this one is really nice!
  4. Pirx

    Leading edge DC-3

    I thought it happened only with the DC-3 but then, I saw that it also happened with other airplanes, like the Carenado ones. It's something important and It should have effect in flight because real pilots use to take care about oil pressure.
  5. Pirx

    DC-3 over Canary Islands

    Hi, These are some pictures of a quickly trip between the island of El Hierro and La Gomera, in an old Iberia DC-3. Hope you enjoy them. Regards,
  6. Pirx

    The Saab 340 Is Alive - Read On!

    These images are awesome. The high detail and the dirty on it talks about a very serious project. I like very much that, here in X-aviation, a way of creating airplanes has been stablish: the quality is the basic and is something very, very needed in Xplane world. I can't wait to sit inside that cockpit. Great, great work!
  7. Pirx

    Vintage - Iberia EC-ADR livery for LES DC3

    I couldn't wait to install this liverie . Before making some screenshots there's a question I have; in other liveries like the Braniff one or others I can see the pilots but not in the Iberia's one. Is it normal? Can I edit this by my own? Saludos,
  8. Pirx

    UrbanMAXX Extreme 3D

    All improves made in city landscape are wellcome. The 3D cities are the next and needed step. Good job, John.
  9. Excellent job and thanks for your dedication. Iberia's DC3 will fly again, a journey to the past
  10. You have a love story with this aircraft, and Leading Edge with you I supose... Few images avaible. I would like to help more but It seems that almost any image of that livery is avaible. In some it seems to have the upper fuselaje in white, and the number in a white circle in the nose and the tail, but not in all. http://www.pprune.org/aviation-history-nostalgia/344975-malaga-dc3-iberia.html http://www.flickr.com/photos/jortegafigueiral/2423301829/in/photostream Regards,
  11. Pirx

    What would I ask my DC-3 to get next

    It could be nice to improve things related to engines; like creating a blue flame of burning or improving the engage process to make it still more realistic (although it is very good). It would be also nice to improve the glass of the windows in copckit, I would put some dirty on them or try to make them more visible (now it seems to not be glass at all). It also needs to improve cockpit lights in XP10. Regards,
  12. Pirx

    The B737 Classic Project

    That cabin is absolutly art. It has all the beaty of a vintage plane, and you guys, who are making it possible, are artists. Hope to move inside it soon.
  13. Pirx

    DSF Scenery Packages - Portoroz Aerodrome - ALSG

    I have tried it, and it is a very beautiful scenery. I love the detail it has, specially on building and grass. There is an issue when loading it (with one of the textures I guess) although you can load the scenery normally. So many thanks! Wating for more from Slovenia. Regards,
  14. Pirx

    de Havilland Comet 4C

    I really love the way you create the graphics. It's fantastic to see how a developer has it's own way and stile when reproducing the reality, and the textures you build are awesome. I now it will sound you repetitive but I really hope a soon release.