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  1. Questions about the sounds

    It is way too early for any kind of ETA, but I can tell you the flight model will be overhauled to be X-Plane 11 only. Many things were changed in X-Plane 11 that affected the flight model of the Saab. But we updated it as best we could. The 3D mesh and textures will be done, literally, from square 1, with textures getting the PBR treatment. The mesh is already about 90% complete. Completely rewritten code with some extra's added. FMOD sounds implemented.
  2. Elevator and Rudder flutter after initial load

    Has been posted before. Has been fixed for the coming update.
  3. Another question, this time about the tiller

    The tiller function has been fixed for the coming update, to allow for mouse manipulation, but for now, you will need to use hardware to steer, AFTER you have pushed the tiller in...and only after landing.
  4. Questions about the sounds

    I understand you're offering feedback, from a customers point of view, and as a paying customer, you're absolutely entitled to do so. So no offence taken. Just to clarify something you mentioned. You said the sound doesn't sound 3D. Keep in mind, this was initially made for X-Plane 9. X-Plane 10 was about to come out, and we changed everything to make it for X-Plane 10 only. X-Plane 10's default sound engine left a lot to be desired, with regards to quality sound (which is why Laminar have now implemented FMOD), so we used a custom sound engine back then (provided by Tom Kyler) to make the best sound experience we could...at the time. We just did what we could with what was presented to us. The Saab V2 will have FMOD and be completely overhauled for X-Plane 11.
  5. Questions about the sounds

    With all due respect, you're comparing 2 completely different aircraft, that use 2 completely different engines, in 2 completely different sims. Rest assured, we've used authentic Saab sounds, interior and exterior, and implemented them in a custom sound engine, and all sounds have gotten the "ok" from 4 different Saab pilots. Perhaps you could be a bit more specific about what it is you find lacking?
  6. Issues with XEnviro 1.08

    We're still waiting on Andrey from XEnviro to return to normal life after what he went through in Russia (The fire with multiple fatalities). He and his family, who were there, are safe, but it's shaken him up pretty badly. So, we're not rushing him, and just letting him get settled and get back to us when he's ready.
  7. Unable to activate

    Trying to narrow this down, so @Schorle, could you please provide Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files (both found in your root X Plane folder). Please, only post those files after loading the Saab. Do not post them after loading another aircraft. Those files get re-written each time the sim is loaded.
  8. Unable to activate

    One thing to note, in particular, is that we have never been able to offer support for our add ons in a beta build of X-Plane. We WILL look into it, but things might change in the next build that will fix this very issue. The best suggestion I can offer to you for right now is to revert to the last stable, non beta build of X-Plane.
  9. Unable to activate

    We'll update to the latest beta, take a look, and then post back.
  10. Can you state what it is EXACTLY that you are doing to move the dials? Are you using scroll wheel or click and drag on the mouse button?
  11. New owner with some snags

    When you first start the engines of the Saab, heading and VS are armed. This is a Saab thing. Those 2 modes are always armed, until the pilot arms a different mode. If everything works, but you still can't engage the autopilot, then you are definitely doing something wrong. Either that, or you're engaging something other than the autopilot. So before we continue to troubleshoot this, let's confirm the autopilot. Are you click and holding, for at least 2 seconds, the switch in the image below...
  12. New owner with some snags

    You're engaging autopilot AFTER takeoff, yes?
  13. New owner with some snags

    The sound is a new one. Haven't seen anyone with that issue before. The wipers are a click, hold and drag manipulator. Are you doing this, or just clicking in the different positions. We actually just tested this yesterday, and it's working. Are you sure you're trying to engage autopilot. You're using the switch on the centre pedestal, yes? You need to hold it for at least 2 full seconds. You also need to have an autopilot mode armed. Preferably altitude and heading. If altitude is armed, make sure you have an altitude dialled in the alt select window. We'll check the hdg select.
  14. ITT temperatures

    This is one of the issues we faced with X-Plane 11 and it's new engine model, and was mentioned earlier on during the update process. We worked with it as best we could, in the scope of being a free update. The XP11 only version, which will be coming later, will not have this engine issue due to all new coding.
  15. CTOT not working?

    Definitely reinstall. No one that we know of, is having any of these issues.