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  1. Brighter Textures

    I'll take a look and see what I can do.
  2. DC-3 in X-plane 11

    What follows is all unofficial and you are to proceed at your own risk! MAKE BACK UPS!!!!!! The DC3, in it's current state, is unsupported in XP11. Although, for the most part, it appears to be working. You definitely need Gizmo to run the DC3. Removing it will disable, as you say, engine start and various gauges. I wouldn't change anything in the obj files just yet. Even if it is just making changes to get shine and reflection. If you're getting ideas from other people, then proceed carefully! To open an aircraft in Planemaker, Open Planemaker and load the .acf file. Then hit "File" and "Save". Then Exit. FYI...An update is coming and is getting very close to completion.. Good luck.
  3. DC3 download and installation

    We're getting into an area where I have no control. Installers and activation's are to be handled using the X Aviation contact page, which can be found at the link I provided.
  4. DC3 download and installation

    I've only had 1 other case of this happening, that I know of. Definitely unusual. We'll get you straightened out.
  5. DC3 download and installation

    In that case... http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/contact_us.php?osCsid=daf5b9bc281fb361628d1ef71f156626
  6. DC3 download and installation

    From what I recall, Mac's cannot unzip packages without messing them up somehow. Try this Post back and let us know how you go.
  7. Les Saab 340 v1.3 in XPlane 11

    Stealth and supersonic, bro! Mach 2.3
  8. Les Saab 340 v1.3 in XPlane 11

    People have reported that it works in XP11. The only issue, so far, it is slightly overpowered. It is not officially supported, as we would have to thoroughly test it to be able to make that statement.
  9. Audio From NAV Including ADF

    I think there's a volume control for XP11 now, so I'll be looking into that.
  10. Brighter Textures

    I'll take a look at it. I do still want to brighten the textures of the Floats version. I'll try to do that this week. I've been extremely busy lately, working on the Saab and DC3 upgrades.
  11. DC-3 LES cockpit much too dark

    That's what he meant by "sticky". Sticky is a pinned topic.
  12. Brighter Textures

  13. Brighter Textures

    It absolutely could have something to do with the render engine (PBR) of XP11. But I couldn't say for sure.
  14. DC-3 in X-plane 11

    Glad to see you got it sorted.
  15. Brighter Textures

    After a few people have asked for a texture adjustment in the cockpit, I decided to address the issue. First, PLEASE BACK UP ALL ORIGINAL TEXTURES AND PLACE THEM SOMEWHERE SAFE OUTSIDE OF YOUR X PLANE FOLDER!!! Download THIS ZIP file, extract all files and place them in the DC3 "objects" folder, overwriting the files when prompted. Again, ensure you have backed up your original textures!! These textures are made only for the WHEELS version. DO NOT place them in the floats version. Feedback welcome. Enjoy!