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  1. XP10 vs 11

    Kerry, The Saab DOES work (unofficially) in XP11, and as you say, there is 1 problem with the ground handling. That problem is that it slides on the ground when winds are excessive. You stated that because of that, you can no longer "fly" the aircraft. I fail to see what that 1 issue with the ground handling has to do with "flying" the aircraft. In saying that, it is not officially supported yet. Seeing as you are not on the dev team for the Saab, your statement "Don't count on anything being updated for XP11" is way out of line. There are things about the update we have not made public yet, so I would greatly appreciate it if you didn't speak for us with regards to anything related to the update development process. Lastly, "advertising" and praising a competing product in this forum is absolutely unacceptable, and I would appreciate it if you stopped doing this. If you want to vouch for another add on, do it in appropriate forums. Not mine. I hope I have made myself perfectly clear. If not, feel free to take this private and I can clarify whatever you may have a problem with.
  2. DC-3 XP11 compatibility??

    It hasn't been thoroughly tested in XP11 to say it will work correctly. Many people have stated it DOES work in XP11, but we can not officially support it, so run it in XP11 at your own risk. There is an update being worked on at the moment, but it is a re-work of almost the entire aircraft and it is XP11 ONLY. It will be a payware update, and people who have purchased the original, XP10 version, will be entitled to a generous discount for the XP11 dedicated version.
  3. Questions from a potential customer

    Saving Panel States is not possible at this time. It MAY be possible in XP11, but we'll explore that with V2. The oscillations are just the aircraft rolling over uneven ground. There is an option to set terrain to follow runway. This can also be turned off, and it should give you a flat runway without oscillations. The Garmin was an after thought. It wasn't originally part of the panel, but we added it only after many people asked for some kind of navigation equipment for flying SIDS and STARS online. There are photos of Saab panels with a Garmin, sometimes a dual Garmin setup. I do have these photos, but they're buried somewhere among the other photos I have. I do want to correct you on something. The Garmin 530 is not the sole nav source. There are 2 NAV radios tied into the Autopilot NAV mode and the two EHSI's. You could very easily fly the aircraft with the Garmin turned off by using these nav radios and glass displays. A tutorial is included that shows this at length. No Garmin being used. The other questions, I'll leave for Jim to respond to.
  4. Saab Sliding sideways XP11

    Everything that is not working will be looked at. The sliding is on the list.
  5. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4.1 Update Released!

    I'll have to take a look. If it isn't working correctly now, (which it should, but I WILL check), it will in the next update. And there'll be news about that very soon.
  6. Xplane 11?

    The issue with XEnviro is, as far as we can tell, on their end. We've already looked at any possible conflicts with XEnviro within the Saab code, and found none. I've heard from various people close to the XEnviro dev's that they are aware of the problem. No news on the update yet. XP11 is still quite young, and fixing anything while it's in beta would be futile. Once it's settled down, and stable releases start coming out, then we'll look at getting it done.
  7. XP 11 "Altitude Set"

    When I get a few minutes, I'll take a quick look and see if it works on my end, then I'll get back to you.
  8. Trouble taking off

    Please try the tutorial included with the package. It gets you familiar with quite a lot of the aircraft.
  9. Engines not starting

    You're a brave one. Using an XP10 aircraft in a beta build of XP11. I'll start by saying we cannot officially support the Saab in XP11. You will have gotten a msg in the sim when you loaded it in XP11 warning you about potential problems. Point 1. Could be anything. From trying to run the Saab in a beta version of X Plane to an incorrect install. Make sure you pointed the installer to your root X Plane folder and that you changed absolutely nothing in the acf file. Point number 2 is a known bug. It's fixed and will be in the coming update. In the meantime, don't use CRS 2. 3. Again, could be anything. Jim MIGHT provide a solution, but because it's a beta version of x plane, I'm not so sure.
  10. DC-3 in X-plane 11

    Cameron gets all forms and keeps them on file until testers are needed.
  11. CTD Saab 1.4.1

    That's definitely interesting. We'll make a note of that one.
  12. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Can't see anything strange, so it looks like the problem is still there. Unfortunately, we can't offer support for the Saab yet, if you choose to fly it in XP11. I just found out recently that some people are having the same problem with the IXEG 737. So it is definitely some kind of conflict that could really be anything. Unfortunately, for now, my only suggestion is to run it without XEnviro.
  13. X-Plane 11 Crashing

  14. Work In Progress Screenshots

    Nothing to show yet. I'm literally working 16-18 hour days/7 days a week, on the DC3 update. But we're definitely working to get these out in the quickest possible time, without compromising quality. As soon as I have something to show of the Citation or the Saab, I promise I will post it here and on Facebook.
  15. DC-3 in X-plane 11

    Make sure you fill THIS out. Makes it more official.