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  1. Goran_M

    Engines mounted to high or different engine housings?

    Making a new normal map with reduced gloss will change the gloss for the props. It's possible to do, but will require some trial and error. And yes, the texture for the flat section around the beacon is on the horizontal tail. (Wasn't me who textured it like that. It was the texture guy that was with us back then.)
  2. Goran_M

    Cessna Citation and other things.

    For now, all focus is on the TBM 900 I'm working on. I spoke to Jim yesterday, actually, about the Citation. If all goes well, it'll be better than what we already have. Unfortunately, it won't be out this year.
  3. Goran_M

    Engines mounted to high or different engine housings?

    There is a Prop texture, but when the engines are running, the prop disc in the root folder of the Saab is what is being shown. You could make your own prop disc, but you would need to make it separate from our one.
  4. Goran_M

    low terrain warnings

    Thanks Dave. Much appreciated.
  5. Goran_M

    low terrain warnings

    OVRD Switch
  6. Goran_M

    low terrain warnings

    Did you meet any of these criteria...
  7. Goran_M

    low terrain warnings

    Are you properly configured? Flaps are down?
  8. Goran_M

    Power levers constantly walk forward

    So the plugin DEFINITELY killed the Garmin and autopilot??
  9. Goran_M

    Power levers constantly walk forward

    Interesting, to say the least. Thanks for the zip. I'm not sure there's much, if anything, Jim can do on our end, as it's obviously in their code. But if it happens on other systems, we now have something to go back to our customers with. Thanks again
  10. Can you please post your Log.txt and GizmoLog.txt files in here. They are found in your root X-Plane folder. Post them immediately after loading the Saab, and no other aircraft, as they get written again when you reload.
  11. Goran_M

    How do I update nav-data for the GNS530?

    Sorry for the late reply. As mentioned above, it's just the stock X Plane GPS. Nothing special about it.
  12. Goran_M

    Reference speeds, used fuel, and power lever detents

    We came across many things we questioned as to why it would be done a certain way. It's definitely a unique aircraft.
  13. Goran_M

    Reference speeds, used fuel, and power lever detents

    1. Should be in the doc's, but if they're not, I'll see if I can find them in the official documentation and maybe post them somewhere. 2. Just the way it is in the real thing. 3. During flight, the WoW (Weight on Wheels) switch, which is linked to the different areas on the throttle console, prevents the throttles from going below idle. This is a safety measure implemented by Saab. While on the ground, you can bring the levers back to GRD Idle due to the WoW switch being engaged.
  14. Goran_M

    How do I update nav-data for the GNS530?

  15. Goran_M

    Glas Textures after Update

    This has already been mentioned and we've found a few workarounds for it. We'll post something shortly.