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  1. Saab V1.5 Status

    It's moving forward. Slowly, but surely. I actually spoke to Cameron yesterday, and asked him what was involved in making an installer for the Saab, and his response was something to the effect of "An installer for an update like this is a nightmare!" I'm guessing it's because of the 3 different variants and all the liveries. Those were the factors that caused so many headaches when we first put it out. It's getting closer. When we know for sure, we'll make a post about it.
  2. Key and Joystick commands not visible.

    This is a Jim question, and he wasn't available for a couple of days. He should be around tomorrow, and I'll ask him to jump in here.
  3. XP10 Cannot use CRS/HDG/GPS knobs etc

    I can't access your GizmoLog.txt file. For some weird reason, it's giving me an error. But I'll start by asking if you received ANY error messages via the Gizmo console (A grey box that appears with any red messages in it. Usually among a bunch of other text)?
  4. That's definitely not something we can easily look in to. The DC-6 was never intended to work in XP11, so for us to work around THAT, is perhaps asking a bit too much. I'm sure Ben and Jim might attempt something, but to be honest, I wouldn't hold my breath for this one.
  5. Version 1.5

    The update is finished and all files have been sent to X-Aviation. You will be notified when the update is in your account.
  6. Saab V1.5 Status

    Yeah, we'll get a change log put together.
  7. Saab V1.5 Status

    Just a quick note about the update to XP11. The update is done, but as with most add ons, some final testing remains to be done. Just last night, I got some feedback that the aircraft is oscillating at higher altitudes under autopilot control, so that will need to be looked at. This shouldn't take very long. Some small details will always be looked at prior to release, because we want it to be as complete, and bug free as possible. I'm working on it today (Christmas Eve), and I'll try to get it all done and dusted as quickly as I can. Hopefully today. All that is left, as far as we can tell, are flight model adjustments (if there are any more after this autopilot oscillation issue). I was also working on the glass yesterday, trying to get it looking more "PBR"ish. Took a few tries, but I got it to how I wanted it. Old XP10 glass was looking very frosty in XP11, and it had to be fixed. That's all for now. I'll do what I can to get the flight model fixed before tonight. Then Cameron will get it out to you all as soon as he can, so we can move forward onto the DC3 and Saab V2. Here's a few screen grabs of the cockpit showing the new glass
  8. Version 1.5

    I just got done with 1.5 less than 12 hours ago. Might do a little more testing and fine tune 1 more thing, but as far as we're concerned, it's definitely ready for XP11. All files have been uploaded, and all that's left is for Cameron to package and ship.
  9. QNH setting

    Might want to try the IXEG forums for that one.
  10. Version 2 Request

    Too early to tell. We're looking at moving into the jet field after the Citation and V2 of the Saab. We'll get the current batch of projects out and then take a look at the state of things.
  11. Xplane 11?

    Much appreciated, Sovik. It's definitely a tough one to figure out, but we're working on it. I can't throw any blame towards Laminar. They've given us a fantastic sim, that's advanced by leaps and bounds over 2 versions. So I'm prepared to do a little extra work if it means we get a fantastic sim.
  12. Xplane 11?

    Saab I'm working on 1.5 as I type this. V2 is several months off. Its almost an entirely new aircraft. Citation will follow the Saab. Unfortunately, no ETA as of this post, but I don't think it will be far after the Saab.
  13. G530 sids and stars

    Will take a look today and get back to you.
  14. Xponder panel graphics

    Well, this one has me stumped. Same settings in X Plane per aircraft. Same texture resolution. Same check box ticked, but different appearance. This one is a mystery. I'll investigate further and get back to you, but I can't think of anything else that could be affecting this.
  15. Xponder panel graphics

    Might need you to try something here. Can you open up Planemaker, navigate to the Cargo variant of the Saab and select the "acf" file. Open that file. In the top menus, click on "Standard"/"Misc Objects". "Centre_Console" should be the 5th object down. Can you verify it has a check mark in the "hi-res" box as indicated in the screenshot below?