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  1. Goran_M

    control throotle

    You cannot use a controller to move the throttle when it is on the right side. The commands used for that side are: sim/engines/mixture_up sim/engines/mixture_down
  2. Goran_M

    Knob rotation speed

    It also depends on how close you are to the panel. The closer you are, the slower it goes.
  3. Goran_M

    Knob rotation speed

    You can left mouse click and hold the knob and drag it left or right. The speed at which you click and drag determines how fast the altitude, or any adjustment done by using the knobs, is changed.
  4. Goran_M

    Beacon Light

    This was added back in February and is deliberate. Actually, turning on the NAV OR Strobe lights will disable the wing tip beacon.
  5. It's safe to say you can freeze the MyTopPC. It's the oldest one
  6. Name your computer in the Gizmo activator when you get asked after every major Windows update. Preferably a new name each time. When you are asked to type FREEZE, make sure you select a name you entered that IS NOT the name you just entered after the latest update. So if you just named your computer "EDWK01-a" after this latest update, and a previous name is "EDWK01-z", you freeze the one named "EDWK01-z". Remember, you're activating a "new" machine, as determined by the Windows update, from within X-Plane. It is safe to FREEZE an older machine ID. Hope this made sense.
  7. Goran_M

    Gust Locks.....how to release?

    Go into your Settings/Keyboard tab. Search for "Gust" in the search field. You'll be presented with options for anything with the word "gust" in the command list. Assign a key or hardware button press for the "Gust Lock release". Last entry in the screenshot below. Add a key press or button press in the field on the right. To operate the gust lock, keep your key or button pressed for the gust lock release while operating the actual gust lock. Voila
  8. Goran_M

    Gust Locks.....how to release?

    Set a key press or button to release the Gust lock switch (It's spring loaded in the sim). Then while pressing that key or button, use the mouse to click and drag the gust lock.
  9. Goran_M

    Icing Effects

    Then I'll put it down to X-Plane. The best way you can tell, turn off all anti ice when you get the same conditions, and wait for the plane to stall. The weather and ice will affect the flight model to the point you will crash if ice is present. In this case, the ice SHOULD be visible on the airfoils.
  10. Goran_M

    Icing Effects

    Yes. But I was hinting at "drivers must be current to take advantage of the OpenGL that the rain and ice are using".
  11. Goran_M

    Icing Effects

    Assuming you have current GPU drivers installed, including OpenGL drivers, the code for the icing does what X-Plane tells it to do. If X-Plane says "add ice to the wings", the ice will start forming. In your case, the conditions, for whatever reason, simply weren't there. I know it seems like ice SHOULD have formed, but this comes down to the sim. Post your log.txt file, just for curiosities sake so I can see what's happening.
  12. Goran_M

    Hot Start TBM 900 X-Plane Crash

    That error only occurs when X-Plane is running or hasn't been properly shut down. http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/15014-ctd/?do=findComment&comment=142406
  13. Goran_M


    Yours is different. IN your case, try removing flywithlua and reload. If the crashes stop, go through flywithlua and make sure it isn't doing anything to the systems of the TBM.
  14. Goran_M

    Hot Start TBM 900 X-Plane Crash

    When reinstalling, make sure X-Plane is not running.
  15. Goran_M

    Log file errors

    You can safely ignore these errors.