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  1. Goran_M

    Change Sounds?

    The TBM is using it's own sound engine, so the file structure will be different.
  2. Goran_M

    Error parsing TAF

    Safe to ignore this error.
  3. Goran_M

    TBM900 shuts X-Plane down regularly

    In your aircraft configuration screen, you'll see an AI Aircraft button just above the "search" field. Click on that and make sure you have no aircraft listed. This is something that is being worked on, but it's not easy, because when the crash happens, the error report doesn't give us much to go on in the way of troubleshooting. For now, disabling AI traffic is a workaround to the problem.
  4. Goran_M

    TBM900 shuts X-Plane down regularly

    You still have AI traffic enabled. Either 3rd party, scenery or in the X-Plane menu.
  5. Goran_M


    The lights are an X-Plane issue and nothing can be done about them. 3D mesh does not occlude parameterized lights. Laminar may fix this in a future X-Plane update. AFAIK, the rudder and trim were done properly, but I can double check.
  6. Once it's in high idle, hardware throttle should work normally. If it isn't, you likely have something not assigned correctly. Make sure you DO NOT have "Throttle 1" assigned to your throttle axis. That won't work. It should be "Throttle all".
  7. Goran_M

    TBM 900 not working with ACARS

    This might be something you need to address with the developers of ACARS. The TBM does use code to drive the brakes, and this might be causing something to be missed as far as ACARS is concerned.
  8. Goran_M

    TBM constantly banking

    Make sure you have AP Trims turned on. You won't be able to trim the aircraft without it. Make sure you don't have any external scripts or any hardware assignments falsely setting your trim.
  9. Goran_M

    TBM900 shuts X-Plane down regularly

    Not at all. These Charges definitely did not come from us. Best check with your bank and ask for a “chargeback” if they are found to be fraudulent.
  10. Goran_M

    Red Shimmering

    For future reference, Hitting SHIFT + SPACE together will take a screenshot of the sim window, and store it in the Output folder in your root X-Plane folder.
  11. Goran_M

    Red Shimmering

    No other plane has it because no other developer has implemented the pilot getting hot. Looks like you have warnings disabled, but the red is because all doors are closed and it's getting hot. A sidenote, the temps are being accurately calculated according to outdoor temperatures and cabin ambient temperatures. To cool down, just open 1 or both doors, or turn on the AC (as long as you have power connected or the engine is running.)
  12. Goran_M

    Another crash after 1,5 hrs in the air

    Can't say for sure. But it appears to be.
  13. Goran_M

    Another crash after 1,5 hrs in the air

    It wasn't the TBM that crashed the sim. You have some faulty scenery. It didn't even do a clean crash. The whole sim just stopped. I've posted a screenshot of the log file with the offending scenery. As you can see, there are no references to the TBM.
  14. Goran_M

    TBM900 shuts X-Plane down regularly

    From the log being incomplete, it basically telling me the sim itself isn't finishing loading. Your drivers are version 432.00, and current drivers are 441.87 By all means, if it crashes again mid flight, please post another log. But try to update your drivers first.
  15. Goran_M

    TBM900 shuts X-Plane down regularly

    It's crashing the sim even before fully loading. I can see you have very outdated Graphics drivers. Update those and try again. Please post back results.