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  1. Goran_M

    TBM-900 causes Xplane crash

    Backtrace points to X-Plane crashing. No TBM references in there. Try taking all plugins, except Gizmo, out of the plugins folder and see if that helps. Otherwise, this is something for Laminar to look into.
  2. Goran_M

    Xplane Crash

    Can you try removing FS Global Real Weather and seeing what happens. I'm suspecting it and RWC are "fighting" over weather data.
  3. Goran_M

    Direct on approach doesn't work

    This is a quirk of the G1000 provided by Laminar. Unfortunately, it’s beyond our control.
  4. Goran_M

    TBM 900 v1.1.4c Update Released!

    For the brakes, check maintenance manager. Regarding the crashes, try the usual step of removing all plugins except Gizmo, and seeing if it happens again.
  5. Goran_M

    TBM 900 v1.1.4c landing gear question

    Some of you guys scare me with the stuff you see. There are brake lines that have been modelled but have not yet been implemented.
  6. Goran_M

    Slow download speed

    Using a VPN shouldn’t block you. The DRM uses your machine ID and account details. Location shouldn’t matter. @Cameron
  7. Goran_M

    CTD v1.1.4c help please :)

    If it happens again, please note the exact circumstances and post back. Every little detail helps.
  8. Goran_M

    Slow download speed

    I know that X Aviation uses servers in various locations around the world, so my only guess is the ones in Europe are slow for some reason. From memory, xa uses Amazon servers.
  9. Goran_M

    Slow download speed

    Not sure why this is happening. Silly question, but are you or someone in your household maybe downloading or uploading something else?
  10. Goran_M

    CTD v1.1.4c help please :)

    Have you guys tried removing all plugins except Gizmo and trying again? That's usually the first thing we ask people to do.
  11. Goran_M

    CTD v1.1.4c help please :)

    We don't have a solution for it yet. It's not a common crash. We've found 2 common themes with it so far, but these are not proven. Either people with scenery spread across 2 hard drives get the error or people who have AI enabled. Apart from that, we're still trying to find out what is causing it.
  12. Wing light used to check for leading edge ice.
  13. Goran_M

    Xplane Crash

    Are you by any chance running squawkbox weather and Real Weather Connector at the same time?
  14. Goran_M

    1.1.4c CTD with XP11.31

    Your graphics driver had some kind of crash. Try reinstalling the graphics driver.
  15. Goran_M

    TBM 900 v1.1.4c Update Released!