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  1. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Can't see anything strange, so it looks like the problem is still there. Unfortunately, we can't offer support for the Saab yet, if you choose to fly it in XP11. I just found out recently that some people are having the same problem with the IXEG 737. So it is definitely some kind of conflict that could really be anything. Unfortunately, for now, my only suggestion is to run it without XEnviro.
  2. X-Plane 11 Crashing

  3. Work In Progress Screenshots

    Nothing to show yet. I'm literally working 16-18 hour days/7 days a week, on the DC3 update. But we're definitely working to get these out in the quickest possible time, without compromising quality. As soon as I have something to show of the Citation or the Saab, I promise I will post it here and on Facebook.
  4. DC-3 in X-plane 11

    Make sure you fill THIS out. Makes it more official.
  5. DC-3 in X-plane 11

    I want this one out well BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Never mind any 6 month estimates. If I'm not done with the flight model, mesh and textures by the end of this month, I'll be seriously angry with myself. The huge majority of it is done. Including what I did over the last few days (which was pretty ridiculous, but it had to be done). Bottom line, nothing is a certainty, but barring any unforeseen acts of God, or some crazy issues I might run in to, this should be out before Christmas.
  6. DC-3 in X-plane 11

    No news on when. I can only say we're working on it. Follow the progress here
  7. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    All I know is, several people posted something about it in one of the Facebook groups. And that the XEnviro guys know what's causing it. In every single case, the problem has been XEnviro. Unfortunately, I'm code illiterate, so I can't expand.
  8. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    This is a known issue that XEnviro has acknowledged is on their end. Last I heard, they were working on a fix.
  9. engine starts with xp 11.02?

    We'll take a look at this in our work on the compatibility update, and see what we can find.
  10. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Try this...
  11. Beech Duchess X-Plane 11

    The Duchess was originally made for XP9, back in 2009. It was updated, with the required updates, to make it somewhat compatible with XP10. I would like to make a full XP11 upgrade, but I have no idea if or when that will be done. X Planes rendering engine has changed, so textures will likely not look right in XP11.
  12. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    You have the GroundTraffic plug in installed. On top of that, you have a LOT going on in your installation. As well as a ton of ortho scenery. The scenery alone could be causing you to run out of memory and crashing. XEnviro has been known to cause issues with several add ons. The developers have indicated they are working on an update.
  13. X-Plane 11 Crashing

    Get rid of JAR Design ground handling, then try it again. Let me know what happens.
  14. Xplane 11?

    You definitely have a way with words, Matthias.
  15. Xplane 11?

    It's all in your approach, Val.