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  1. Goran_M

    Lost the "Vertical Track" voice after upgrading to 11.36

    Very possible that Laminar fixed it in 11.40. I believe they were made aware of it.
  2. Goran_M

    CTD using Pilot Edge

    You could try a second install of X-Plane with just the TBM and PilotEdge. Then add all other plugins, 1 by 1 until it crashes again.
  3. Goran_M

    CTD using Pilot Edge

    I've seen many people fly the TBM on PilotEdge. If it is Gizmo crashing, it's Gizmo and something else not working well with it.
  4. Goran_M


    It's not just the TBM. It's across the board with add ons that use an installer. Laminar is working with the dev community to get things sorted out as quickly as possible.
  5. Goran_M

    Lost the "Vertical Track" voice after upgrading to 11.36

    It broke with the 11.36 update. It's a known issue and will be addressed in the next update.
  6. Goran_M

    Datarefs for circuit breakers

    All breakers are commands. ESS BUS 1 breaker - tbm900/actuators/cbs/CB_ESS_BUS1 (top left of the breaker panel) Animation values are a simple 0-1 (0=pushed in. 1=popped)
  7. https://discord.gg/WThhCB
  8. Goran_M

    Datarefs for circuit breakers

    I could give you a few at first to make sure they work, then I could give you the rest if they DO work. Do you want any in particular?
  9. Goran_M


    In the thread I referred you to, Rob points out that you can still have TCAS traffic, but you just cannot have visual aircraft in the virtual skies. I don't know how IVAO works, but this can be set in LiveTraffic. I imagine IVAO has something like this. My point with XEnviro is that in a rare case, everything can point to the aircraft being at fault. Jim and Ben Russell went through the Saab code and Gizmo code 2 or 3 times to see if it was something on our end, and nothing was found. Andrey didn't believe it was XEnviro at all, because, like many others, he noticed the crash only happened with the Saab. Until I finally convinced him to PLEASE take a look, and that I had a handful of people willing to spend some time debugging. He reluctantly agreed, and within 15 minutes, he found the beginnings of the problem. Anyway, I digress. In the world of an unregulated add on community, anything is possible. Could it be a bug in the TBM? Unlikely, but definitely possible. We can't go and buy up all the payware add ons that are available, install them and start testing. That would be unreasonable of anyone to ask. All we can do is go through log files and try to find the problems. Most of the time, it's a process of elimination, hence why we ask people to move plugins out of the X-Plane install. Removing plugins and KEEPING them removed is, we understand, NOT the solution. It's a way of helping us understand what the problem could be. (Don't tempt Saso with MCAS. He could code a better version of it in half the time) Most of our support depends on that golden file called "log.txt". The other part of our support depends on the customer performing a few tasks to help us in fixing the problem...if we can fix it. Sometimes it's Windows (I've seen crashes disappear after people have done a simple "Scandisk") and sometimes it's the actual sim itself (Remember the Gizmo vs SASL problem plaguing SASL users? That was fixed in 1 X-Plane update by Ben Supnik). The debugging isn't necessary. We know something is causing the exception error, and we are 99% sure (I won't say 100% yet) that it's AI Traffic. I've run the TBM without an exception handler CTD when using default AI traffic. And this is what leads us to believe that it's something in the other Traffic add on code. I've seen streamers fly the TBM with traffic on PilotEdge without issue. Saso is still trying to figure out what is causing this, but when X-Plane throws up a message that says "Something has reinstalled our exception handler..." it's hard to know what to do with it. We need to know what that something is before we can nail it, otherwise, we're just chasing a black cat in a dark room hoping to get lucky.
  10. Goran_M

    Graphics Corruption in Icing

    I think I remember this was due to outdated OpenGL drivers. Can you confirm you have the latest GPU drivers and if not, update as necessary.
  11. Goran_M


    I cannot do anything more to help you without seeing a log file. We have only seen this type of crash happen with some kind of AI traffic running, so yours would be a unique case. I understand this does not happen with other add ons, but not all add ons are created equal. Regarding your last statement, that the problem is clearly with the TBM. Even WE don't know that the problem lies with the TBM. Another example of an isolated problem is the one with the Saab and XEnviro. X-Plane was always crashing when these two were running. We had people just like yourself complaining that it's the Saab. After years of us telling everyone it is not the Saab's fault, Andrey at XEnviro finally looked into it and found it was indeed XEnviro causing the crash. And ONLY when run with the Saab. Weird, I know. And we think it's how the weather radar interacts with XEnviro. But this has since been fixed. Bottom line, when the log throws up a line that says "Something has reinstalled our exception handler..." without telling us what the something is, it's then down to a process of elimination. With the exception of your case, we have narrowed it down to AI, and particularly, LiveTraffic. If you don't have any traffic running at all, and STILL getting this error, I'm afraid its back to square 1. THIS is why a log file helps.
  12. Goran_M


    I'll respond with this. (Please read the whole thread. Your fix is in there...assuming you have LiveTraffic installed.) Like I said, it's not the TBM causing the exception handler crash. In all the cases we've seen, it's a problem with LiveTraffic and the way the TBM TCAS is reading LiveTraffic AI. We don't think this crash happens with default AI running because we've seen streamers have no problems when running default AI. And if you think this problem doesn't frustrate us as well, then you would be wrong.
  13. Goran_M

    CTD using Pilot Edge

    It doesn't appear to be theTBM crashing the sim. It was SPAD leading up to it and then PilotEdge causing X-Plane to crash.
  14. https://discord.gg/z98kFF