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  1. Strange, as a VR user I do not have the throttle representation? Vive Pro user.
  2. pedwards

    Used TBM

    Thanks Goran, no annoyance, life's too short. I would consider it a nice to have feature. Regards
  3. pedwards

    Used TBM

    Hope all are well. After 6 months of owning the TBM I'm still really enjoying the experience. I would like to know if it is possible to create a used airframe, if not can it be added? Similar to the 'used' option on A2A aircraft. One issue I have is not able to add too many hours to the airframe before I need to replace, either as a result of my lack of care or errors when loading the aircraft. For example, a aircraft with 50 hours on the Hobbs, load incorrectly at a small airfield and slid down a hill causing irreparable damage. This would be a nice to have feature.
  4. Hey Goran, could you share another link for the discord please?
  5. I've been having a similar issue, the autopilot either does not fly the correct path (lateral and vertical). In a climb, the autopilot seems to make an attempt to capture the required altitude but it drifts off and continues to either climb or descend. The FD seems to be indicating the correct path, however the autopilot does not seem to see the FD and the command bars (single cue) .
  6. pedwards

    Fsx 2020

    For 24 years I was a MS simmer ( including P3D), however I was so impressed with the TBM reviews I purchased X-Plane (XP) with the believe I was going to run both on one PC. One week later I had removed P3D from my system and have been continually impressed with both X-Plane and the TBM. I for one am not looking forward to MS2020, but not fully sure why. Perhaps it was the way they ended the FS series and the way they treated ACES team. perhaps the way the launched Win 10 and the underhand schemes used to increase Win10 users, perhaps it's because X-Plane delivers everything I want, need and more.
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