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    Saab Climbout on Autopilot oscillates/porpoises

    No don't get the Carenado one. I have both, just recently got the LES Saab and this one is 1000 better and has more character ;). Regarding the next update of this wonderful aircraft, will it use the experimental flight model of xplane 11.40, which will anyway be the standard with 11.50?
  2. janis22

    Experimental flight model 11.40

    Yes I couldn't find which nml and I would have tried it in GIMP. Flying the sundowner at sundown is just a bit too much glare
  3. janis22

    Experimental flight model 11.40

    I too thought the glare to be too high. How do you adjust it?
  4. Hi! I just bought this aircraft. It looks and sounds very nice and flies wonderful. Should we have the experimental flight model checked if we are using 11.40 xplane? Cheers Janis