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    TBM 900 v1.1.10 Update Released!

    I previously went into the maintenance manager and checked to make sure everything was working. It said everything was working but the AFCS was clearly not working. I'm sorry to say I don't know how to "delete the contents of your state folder" (where do I find my state folder?) But what I did do just now was create a new airframe and the new airframe seems to be working properly. I'll have to fly it later to test it but so far, so good.
  2. Silverminer

    TBM 900 v1.1.10 Update Released!

    AFCS CONTROL UNIT NO LONGER WORKING I might as well add my issue to the stack. I've downloaded the 1.1.10 update and, unfortunately, the AFCS Control Unit no longer responds. I hear a "click" when I push, say, the HDG knob but there is no response on the G1000. I can't change altitudes with the ALT SEL knob, etc. Everything worked fine before the update. I re-downloaded the update and still no joy. Windows 10. I wish I could revert back to the previous version as I miss flying the TBM 900! Hopefully a fix comes soon.
  3. Silverminer

    TPM900 No Longer Loading

    I love the plane when it works but it sure crashes (the program, not the airplane) a lot! It's been crashing regularly for no reason, even when it's just flying along and I'm not interacting with it. Other than that, everything seems to work as promised. Lot's of things to learn and a lot of fun. If it just wouldn't keep crashing! And, as it turns out, simply starting at a different airport - while it worked for me before - appears to be just random luck. I keep trying different things, different locations, rebooting the computer, etc. and suddenly it'll start working again. If I find the magic potion I'll post it.
  4. Silverminer

    TPM900 No Longer Loading

    Well, I reloaded at a different airport and it loaded correctly. I guess that's the solution.
  5. Silverminer

    TPM900 No Longer Loading

    I’ve used the TPM900 successfully for multiple flights (it's awesome!) Unfortunately, it crashed (the system, not the airplane) while I was switching off the NEXRAD (or switching it on, I don’t really recall) and now I can’t get the TPM900 to load into XP11. I can load other planes in XP11 but not the TPM900. When I try to load the TPM900, the loading stops at “Loading Aircraft/X-Aviation/TBM-900/TBM900.acf. I tried fixing the failures but no luck. Should I uninstall the TPM900 or is there something else I'm missing? I've attached the log that stalls (Log1) and a log where I load another airplane successfully (Log2.) I have no clue what I'm looking at. Thanks in advance. Log1.txt Log2.txt