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  1. xZone

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    Is it possible to change the sky color without restart ?
  2. xZone

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    Okay, sundog Thank you very much Question : will you improve / update the clouds / sky colors ? Why don't you add a slider with some " amount of clouds / size clouds " ?
  3. xZone

    Sharp-cut cloud

    Wow, I wish i could have those beautiful clouds
  4. xZone

    some questions about SkyMaxx Pro

    What's the difference between ASXP + SMP vs Real Weather Connector + SMP ?? When I have the weather setting as " manually " the clouds transition is weird. It's not too soft Is there a way to change this ? Thank you And by the way : SMP looks way better than xEnviro / UWXP
  5. Hello everyone, I purchased SMP 4.8.2 and I can say, i like it. The clouds, sky colors, looks nice But I saw some videos on YouTube with SMP 4.5 / 4.6 and they look awesome, too Is there a way to download somewhere, the SMP 4.5 / 4.6 and use them ( testing ) with SMP 4.8.2 ? Thank you