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    Image quality of the Garmin displays

    Thanks for the info.
  2. netwalker

    Image quality of the Garmin displays

    An improvement suggestion from me regarding the image quality of the Garmin 1000 displays. On the MFD, the texts are sometimes difficult to read (e.g. altitude numbers in flight plans), which is obviously a graphic resolution problem. I have a UHD monitor (2560 x 1440) and on my other planes the fonts are clear and easy to read. For illustration purposes I enclose a screenshot with very good image quality.
  3. netwalker

    Popup windows

    Nice to hear about this future improvement, thank you. Other aircraft like my Toliss Airbus has got also implemented the fixed positioning of pop-up windows.
  4. netwalker

    Popup windows

    Hello, my TBM900 works fine, only a small thing in the GUI disturbs me. I often use popup windows (e.g. the autopilot window) because they make the operation much more comfortable in many cases, which is why they are available. The position of the windows is somehow randomly controlled, they often appear in another "wrong" place. Would it be possible to save the last window coordinates/window sizes where the user wants the window to be? In this case they always will appear at the same (desired) position.