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    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Yes! Ive seen their both the master warning and caution annunciator switches which is perfect for the TBM.. not the cheapest though. DE-ICE panel now ready too
  2. Jason1970

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Hello, nice to hear! the main panel is done from wood and has a 2mm black acrylic over it for finishing . i bought the RealSimGear G1000 units but a bit disappointed on the back lit, I was indeed aware but I bought them regardless. Simionics do the bezel and iPad which does work well and they backlit. My mistake there but still good units. making good progress so far, connecting the AP panel now, FMC keypad ready and working and so are many lower panels. will show you photos once I get this running : thank you
  3. Jason1970

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    What I did was I bought an HDMI splitter so now PFD1 Mirrors PFD2, it also frees one GPU output which is good since it will allow to connect the small horizontal monitor(sorry I forgot the name). Now one output for the PFD1(and mirroring PFD2) One output for the MFD one output for the small horizontal screen one output for XP11 scenery. it has worked well. Ultimately it would be great to work the PFD independently , I’m not sure if the real aircraft does. lots more work and building required... thank you
  4. Jason1970

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Thank you for your reply, problem is configuring the the second PFD so it’s calibrated position etc, the cockpit builder file doesn’t allow for this . Im a bit stuck
  5. Jason1970

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Good day, i wonder if it possible now to connect two PFD units from RealSimGear . at present the cockpit builder file only allows for one PFD and one MFD unit. if this possible? Or is there an update to come which will allow this? Thank you jason
  6. Jason1970

    TBM900 with PFD RealSimGear

    Good Afternoon, i have 2 PFD units from RealSimGear and also make up my own 15” screen for the MFD. i have an issue trying to connect both PFD units. (1 x PFD and 1 x MFD both working very well) i have calibrated the displays position too. Problem I have is that in the cockpit builder file there is only for one PFD, one MFD and one little horizontal screen which I can’t remember the name of now . i have mirroring monitor 1 with monitor 3( PFD1 and 2) it does work but every time I reload the cockpit builder file or restart the PC all my settings are gone. I was hoping someone can help me how to set this up. thank you jason uploaded a photo of current work in progress