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  1. Hi @Camaron, Today I got an answer from you about the support ticket that my system was reset on the basis of the information. Thank you very much for your help. Have the IXEG now synonymous Activate and this time Without problems I'm happy and can finally test the beautiful aircraft. Thanks and have a nice weekend best regards Christian O.
  2. Hello @Camaron , sorry for my english I have to use a translator to understand what you write me. No, I did not share the product with others and did not act illegally. why should I then buy the product if I use according to their statement another account for activation. I have only had this PC for about 2 weeks ... it is needed and received from a friend since he bought a new PC. He also uses the IXEG and has warned me to delete it and I have to buy my own version so I can use it on the PC. Has that perhaps to do with it? As you can certainly see, I bought the product on 05.07.2019 (order number: 83024), so I do not want to do anything illegal or use my friend's account, which I have no access to. I just have one problem after I downloaded it and tried to activate the message directly: Machine ID Locked it did not even come to activation. And I have no account disabled or similar Have written directly after a support request. I set up Windows10 correctly All new and important updates are also available. Please help Best regards Christian O.
  3. how could you help? what was done? am really desperate, especially since I have just installed the plane to then register it but so far it was not even times it came straight to the error: Machine ID Locked I just wanted to shoot a few test laps because I've heard from many that the plane is really great Gruss Christian wie konnte man dir helfen? was wurde gemacht ? bin echt am verzweifeln zumal ich nur das Flugzeug installiert hab um es dann zu registrieren aber so weit ging es ja nichtmal es kam ja direkt der Fehler: Machine ID Locked wollte so gern nen paar Testrunden drehen da ich von vielen gehört hab das der Flieger richtig toll ist Gruss Christian
  4. Hey, but that can not be that if you buy a product today It can not use and must wait for the one after weeks to get help I hope it is understandable (Google translator) Gruß aus Berlin Christian.O
  5. Hello, I have a problem. I have recently purchased the IXEG 737 Classic and installed it directly. I wanted to activate the aircraft in the Xplane with the help of my email address and my password, I got the following error Error: Machine ID locked please contact support@x-aviation.com The Support of X-Aviation do not answer me. Please he lp I finally want to use it best regards Christian O. (Daiobi)
  6. Hello, I have exactly the same problem The Support of X-Aviation do not answer me. Error: Machine ID locked Please help I finally want to use the plane Gruß Daiobi