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  1. A much as I could remember that I messed with (GW OR ZFW) at least once. One thing I didn't mention is that I entered planned fuel after filling (GW AND ZFW (one of them was completed automatically, I forgot which one)), I randomly put in planned fuel and I noticed that GW OR ZFW (Once again, I forgot which one) no longer match what the ground service panel indicated. I tried pressing the LSK for ERASE too. I can't tell the exact order of actions or exact timing of the error. I'll update this post if I've figured out something new. Please kindly leave a message if the dev team are able to reproduce the problem as I've yet to find a way to achieve this.
  2. Payload Setting Problem: By setting GW & ZFW mutiple times I got a console pop out like this: I assume that this is the unexpected behavior so I reported in, here's what the FMC shows: 2: Rudder pedal problem. When turning with rudder pedals, the aircraft behaves like the break is applied. I've already read the post that the customers have to manually change something in the PlaneMaker in the 11.26 version. However it really seems to me that something behind scene touched the "apply breaks regular" dataref as the auto-brake got disarmed as soon as I alter the direction through rudder pedals after touch down. Besides that, given that 11.30 is out for a long time, it's feasible for me to find the older version of XP just to fix this. Any solutions?