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  1. Skrimps

    Saitek panels config

    I tried the file that Ianman posted but I am getting multiple issues with Lua, and it quarantines the script. I followed the instructions, but based on the error log it is trying to load files that do not exist. Does this work with the newest X-Plane and TBM version? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Skrimps

    Misc TBM questions

    Ah yes, that makes sense. Thank you.
  3. Skrimps

    Misc TBM questions

    Thank you for the responses. I re-read the manual and think I have a better understanding of the TOGA button now. It says on the ground it activates TO pitch and roll modes (flight director commands wings level and 10 degrees nose up). I assume it means that it activates the FD that you can use as a guide for climb out? And thanks Andy for the approach speeds. This helps a lot. I was slowing to full landing config and 85 knots far too soon based on your directions. I will try the new approach procedure soon.
  4. Skrimps

    Misc TBM questions

    Hello all, Just getting started with this excellent airplane. Very impressed with it, but just had a few questions. TOGO button: I read in the manual the function of this button and understand it is used for taking off/go around. But how exactly do you use it? I think it said for TO you press it and it sets wings level and 10 degree pitch upwards for climb. Do you press it after you leave the runway or set it before? I guess I am a bit confused on when you would actually use it in real life. Approach speeds. I am looking for the proper approach speed in landing config (full flaps, gear down). I have read 85 KIAS, but wanted to confirm. Also do you hold the speed and throttle until after touch down and then bring it back to flight idle? Or should you pull the throttle back after flare? Interested in the method real pilots use, I want to make sure my approach procedures are correct. I am sure I will have other questions as I think of them, but so far this is what I have been wondering after my first flight with this aircraft.