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    Limited bank angle

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    Limited bank angle

    Because people are inevitably going to come into this forum with misinformation, and I would expect you'd want to defend your product... And I completely understand and support you doing so. I'm have absolutely no issues with the development process of LES and recognize why you wouldn't want to announce release dates. Consider me a huge fan of your product and someone who is happy to wait for all the excellent work you deliver. My issue was specifically with regards to Cameron's comments... I suppose we have differing views on what is appropriate etiquette from a forum administrator, and I can't quite understand why you accept their overwhelming presence in this forum and their often coarse interactions with your patrons, when they are in no way involved with the development of the Saab. To be clear, I am not critiquing or disputing any of the information provided in this thread, only the manner in which some of it is provided. I'm only being honest with how it may be perceived by other users of this forum. None of that has to do with your discourse, Goran. I'm not starting any arguments. Haskell99's comment regarding their purchase was irrelevant (and perhaps inaccurate) to their point. Regardless, I don't think it's appropriate for you to use the private information you have available as an administrator regarding customer purchases to have a "Well actually..." moment, at least publicly. It does not matter that personal information was withheld, it is simply the precedent that it sets... I'm only being forthright with how I, and potentially others, perceive it. And I'm sorry, but I am not able to control that. I had already posted my comment prior to noticing this addition to yours. But if you still want to remove this comment, go ahead.
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    Limited bank angle

    I just have to say, I can understand engaging in a discussion and defending this plane, but the way the founder of X-Aviation, Cameron, speaks to others in this thread, going so far as to disclose information regarding a customer's purchase, is unprofessional and, as a newer user of this forum (and this plane), does nothing but leave a bad taste in my mouth...
  4. Hello, all! Now that I've gotten most of the fundamentals down, I've upped the realism a bit by starting to use the provided performance charts to determine the proper take-off, climb, and cruise power for my trip. However, I've been having trouble finding the correct corresponding values. For one thing, when I check the X-Plane weather settings in the flight configuration menu, the temperature does not match the OAT shown on the EHSI. In my previous flight, for example, the X-Plane settings showed the temperature as 24°C, whereas the OAT indicator on the EHSI showed 11°C. Does anyone know where the discrepancy here is? I'm just not sure which temperature to use for the charts. Furthermore, (and this could possibly be a result of my using the incorrect temperature) I can't seem to understand the chart values. For example, in an earlier flight, I referred to the charts and found the max cruise power for FL180 at 140kts to be 72% torque. However, once I reached cruise, I found I couldn't get anywhere near 72% torque without overheating and instead hovered between 40-50%. Even with this lower torque setting, though, my speed was still well over 140kts, so I don't understand how I could possibly decrease my speed that much, while increasing the torque (and not overheat the engines). Could anybody help clarify what I could possibly be doing wrong? Also, are the charts to be referenced throughout the flight in order to make necessary adjustments, or are they only referred to during flight-planning to serve as a base-line? I'm still figuring out how to properly utilize them and what the general operating procedures are with regards to them. I'm really just wanting to get a better grip on how to realistically operate the plane in every aspect of the simulation. With that being said, any feedback is much appreciated. Thank you all so much for your help, and happy flying! o7
  5. hmmelho

    A few questions regarding the Saab 340A...

    5. Where in the craft are the toe brakes located? I can't seem to find anything but the parking brake!
  6. hmmelho

    A few questions regarding the Saab 340A...

    Thank you so much for your response, N1K!!! It is much appreciated. I'll just bounce back a few more inquiries based on your replies with the corresponding numbers. 1. So I'm assuming that rotating the dials counter-clockwise before fully disengaging CTOT will ensure that your power won't dramatically drop when it switches back to your lever position, yes? 2. So when an engine is inoperative, auto-corsen will not take care of that, and one should still move the relevant condition lever to the beta range to feather it? 4. That's odd because I don't think I've used the tiller wheel once. I've used the rudders to steer every time I taxi, and I'm definitely below 80kts. Don't know why that could be happening. 5. When you refer to brakes, you do mean the parking brake, yes? I just want to make sure there isn't some other brake that I'm not aware of. 6. So weird! I figured it would be important, but like I said, I haven't ever changed it from default and it doesn't seem to have caused any issues that I know of. Again, I can't tell you how grateful I am for your help. Thanks to wonderful community members like you, I just may be able to feel confident about my ability piloting this aircraft!
  7. Hello all! I purchased the LES Saab 340A a couple weeks ago and have been having a wonderful time learning to fly it. That being said, it is undoubtedly the most complex aircraft I’ve ever flown, and as such, there are a few systems/procedures that I still don’t fully understand. I’m just going to list my questions below. What is the exact procedure for deactivating the CTOT? How does auto-corsen differ from auto-feather? Can reverse thrust be used to pull back from a gate? I can’t seem to get the plane to move this way, so I always do pushback. Is there a difference between using the tiller wheel or the rudders for nose-wheel steering? Is reverse thrust the only way to slow down upon landing? How does one go about calculating the center of gravity for a given flight? I’ve left it on default every time, and it’s been fine, but I can’t seem to find a formula. For example, the default KingAir C90 manual includes a procedure for calculating this value. What are the standard prop settings over each phase of flight? How do you find proper climb/decent power? As far as the last two questions, I’ve really been winging it with the power and condition lever settings. Would the charts provided with the plane be my best bet as far as finding the correct values? I just can’t ever seem to find the relevant chart, and the amount of information in them is, in general, overwhelming. I know that’s a lot, but I just have an itch to make sure I am getting the most out of this beautiful aircraft. Any feedback with any of these questions is so appreciated. Thank you all for your help, and happy flying! o7