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    CTD - Random

    Hi Goran, thanks for the detailed instructions. I did the "try this first" step and have had a couple of crash free flights. I've just had a crash now but it wasn't like the others, a Windows box came up saying xplane has stopped responding do you want to wait or close so I closed. It was in the orbx scenery and my frame rates were getting very low flying over a city, down to single digits, sometimes freezing for a few seconds, then up to 25 then single digits, back and forth. So not really sure if these are useful logs because maybe I need to turn down my graphic settings. Still no plugins in there. Thanks. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  2. KiwiRoss

    CTD - Random

    I have just had 2 x consecutive crashes and the logs attached are of the latest. I don't know if it is relevant but both these crashes occurred while using the TBM (obviously) and orbx true earth scenery which are my most system demanding plane and scenery. First CTD I did as described in the last post with the exception that I also added the xtoebrake plugin which allows me to use my racing pedals as rudder pedals with toe brakes. I really hoped this wasn't the problem plugin so I rolled the dice... The sim loaded and I went to external view and began to rotate around my plane to load in all the scenery. Half way around the plane I got a CTD. I then removed that plugin leaving exactly the plugins in Jeans example above. This time xplane just about finished loading and a warning popped up saying something like "B58 sounds could not be loaded because... some reason". I clicked, "I Understand" to continue and got a CTD. The log files to that crash are attached. Thanks for any help you can offer. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  3. KiwiRoss

    CTD - Random

    Once again, thanks very much for the help Jean. I've updated my nvidia drivers and now removed the plugins folders and files as you showed above so hopefully I can start to narrow down the culprit.
  4. KiwiRoss

    CTD - Random

    Thanks for the quick reply Jean, appreciate it. Downloading latest nvidia drivers now, for some reason I thought windows 10 updates automatically did that for me but looks like that's not the case. In my plugins folder I have the folders and files below. Excuse the ignorance but do I move all those out of there except for the one folder called Gizmo64.plugin? Thanks in advance.
  5. KiwiRoss

    CTD - Random

    Hello, I am getting CTDs but they do not seem to be repeatable. Thank you for any assistance you can offer. Kind Regards, Ross TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt