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  1. UPDATE :: I've just completed a short test flight using the rudder trim technique you suggested, Cooper, and I'm very pleased to say my 'directional and leveling' problem disappears after a little switch clicking. The condition still presents itself from time to time; yet, at least now I know what to do to correct it -- and that's a good thing! Ya' see, I don't have all that much experience with high performance aircraft like this one, so every flight... well... every flight enables me to learn something new -- another good thing! I seldom have to trim anything in any of my other GA aircraft, so getting to know a true thoroughbred like this -- one requiring a bit more attention than what I'm used to -- is both interesting and challenging... Anyway, thanks again for your assistance! Enjoy the rest of your week... ~ B
  2. To the rescue again, Cooper [smile]... Thanks so much for your response and suggestion. I always enjoy learning something new, so I'll definitely try that technique the next time I fly this aircraft... As before, I'll let you know how things go! ~ B
  3. I've now flown this aircraft 3 times for a total of about 5 hours and I'm really enjoying it! I note, however, a tendency for it to fly in a slight 'left wing down' manner at cruise -- as you can see in the screen shot of the Garmin G5 I've attached [the triangles at the top of the arc don't align as I think they should]. I've read through the documentation and didn't find anything discussing this condition nor how I might be able to resolve it. I know there's an Aileron Trim switch; yet, after experimenting with it, all I seem to be able to do is get myself 'wings level' for a moment or two before the aircraft simply reverts to the previous 'left wing down' condition [shrug]. While I suspect it's probably nothing more than 'pilot error' on my part and an inability to operate the Aileron Trim switch correctly -- I'm wondering -- does anyone have a tip/suggestion on how I can resolve this? P.S. In Load Manager, my weights are equally balanced, so I'm not thinking that's a factor.
  4. A SPLENDID UPDATE :: I downloaded the Landing Speed Plugin you suggested, Cooper, made all of the necessary file revisions [just couldn't wait until tomorrow as I stated earlier] and -- ta da -- I'm so very, very pleased to report all is now perfect! None of my earlier performance issues remain. As a result, I'm truly 'in business' now [knowing nod]! I just finished a short 'post-maintenance' hop a few moments ago and was truly gobsmacked by all of the features in this aircraft -- especially that synthetic vision... Amazing functionality... What a treat to fly, as well. Anyway, thanks so much for helping me as quickly and thoroughly as you did. I'll definitely be flying this magnificent machine a lot in the days ahead! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! ~ B
  5. I would never have known about that conflict if you hadn't discovered it, Cooper [shaking head in wonder] -- so thanks very much for your valuable insight and solution recommendation. I'll get to that tomorrow and let you know how things go. Thanks, as well, for your prompt response! Can't wait to get back into the air in this machine and try [unsuccessfully, of course] to conceal my grin...
  6. Thanks so much for your prompt reply, Cooper. As requested, I've attached my Log.txt file for your review. I'll be interested in what you discover... Log.txt
  7. Re: Pocket Rocket v1.0.1 | X-Plane 11.33 First off, this is truly an extraordinary machine -- a real 'hot rod' -- and a real blast to fly! Thanks so much for developing it... Now, on to where I am at the moment... I've just completed a 1.5 hour orientation flight and experienced a few operational challenges I haven't seen referenced here within the Forum: - The G5's on/off switch does not work -- the unit will not power up after clicking on the on/off switch; - None of the switches [lights, electrical, etc.] actually work, either. When clicked upon, absolutely nothing happens; and, - I'm not able to access synthetic vision in the PFD -- nor am I able to access the checklists. I can program a flight plan, tune the radios, tune the transponder and view the moving map without difficulty I've cycled through the documentation once, and I'll certainly do it again to see if I missed something in the installation process [though I don't think I did]. That being said -- and based upon the comments of others and what I've seen in Twitch streams -- it's entirely possible I've missed doing/activating something. It... uh... wouldn't be the first time, nor the last, I'm sure [knowing nod]. Before proceeding down the troubleshooting path -- and even downloading/installing the aircraft again -- though, I thought I'd check in here. X-Plane on my system is pretty much a standard install, and all of my other addon aircraft function as expected, so I'm... uh... somewhat perplexed by this aircraft's 'constricted functionality'... Suggestions? Thanks!