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  1. CaptBirdy

    Enquiry: shiny cowl?

    Oh that’s awesome, didn’t even know one was in progress! Very exciting! Thank you, I’ll wait for the kit to come out. Nick
  2. CaptBirdy

    Enquiry: shiny cowl?

    Is there any update? Maybe something in the engine paint kit We can deselect to durn the chrome off?
  3. CaptBirdy

    Enquiry: shiny cowl?

    No worries! Thank you Litjan! Oh yes please...really sorry about that, internet is slow hereI assumed it didn’t post! thanks again
  4. CaptBirdy

    Enquiry: shiny cowl?

    Firstly - What a great update! So happy with the modifications! You guys have really pulled it into the bag and have done a superb job! LOVE THIS PLANE!! And this topic is not a problem As such, but all my livery’s have shiny cowls, is there a way of switching this off? I feel like I’m being blind I’m sorry! Many thanks again! Great job! Nick
  5. CaptBirdy

    Livery List & Requests

    Sergio Morozov hope this helps
  6. CaptBirdy

    Exterior Modelling Request

    Litjan, Thank you for the speedy reply and acknowledgement, looking forward to the showcase! many thanks again! Nick
  7. CaptBirdy

    Exterior Modelling Request

    So I love this aircraft, and I love your aircraft! which is a great representation I might add. Please don't think that i'm nitpicking this is simply a enquiry/request on the exterior modelling, if possible. 1) cockpit window geometry: comparing the three pictures, will these windows be modified as in some views (see pic 3 below) the angles seem a little off maybe? below: side windows slightly angled up credit where its due, you mentioned you was restricted/limited to polys when building this aircraft, and i understand your smoothing some of these out etc. so i was wondering if these areas will see some attention too? 2) Engine Vortex Generators: Comparing these two pictures, is it possible to make them bigger perhaps? Thanks guys, and thank you for still developing an aircraft that people in this group love just as much as you do! Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next update (I check on a daily bases)!
  8. CaptBirdy

    Version 1.3 update tidbits

    Edit: tried it..didn’t work. Never mind
  9. CaptBirdy

    Version 1.3 update tidbits

    Interesting. Didn’t think of this angle. I’ll give that a go at some point today mjrhealth, thank you
  10. CaptBirdy

    Version 1.3 update tidbits

    I did have another idea..of being able to input/type in ZFW and fuel qty instead of sliders?
  11. CaptBirdy

    Version 1.3 update tidbits

    Nicotum, I just read through your documents. And it looks like a great plugin my friend. So really nice work But what I’m requesting for is just one simple slider which can change/restrict how much brake pressure can be applied through a press of an assigned button/trigger. So when I press the button, I’m not getting a 100% whack/or full braking.
  12. CaptBirdy

    Version 1.3 update tidbits

    Well I don’t have pedals and I only use a trigger on my stick. Is there a way of softening how much braking goes into a single press of the trigger?
  13. CaptBirdy

    Version 1.3 update tidbits

    How about a brake slider to adjust how sensitive the brake is applied. The drama I get is that it can be on at max. Or intermittent max (brakes every 3-4 seconds at max) would be nice to set a sensitivity so we can do nice slow stops
  14. CaptBirdy

    Engine textures request

    Hi guys, really looking forward to the update and future updates of this bird! It just gets better and better! so I was wondering, on a texture/modelling/visual stand point, if the engine lines you see in the pictures below will be modelled? I try and draw my own on my livery paints but it doesn’t look very realistic in my honest opinion. So yeah...just sticking it out there to see if I can bite some interests for some visual changes. If not, it’s no issue, just sticking it out there anyway haha. Thanks guys! Looking forward to hearing more about these updates Birdy
  15. CaptBirdy

    Version 1.3 update tidbits

    This is very exciting! I can’t wait for more updates!