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  1. t3hb00t

    Cannot delete this

    Excellent example of nothing. 10/10, would download again.
  2. t3hb00t

    VR Yoke

    Agreed, and in particular that last one combined with haptic feedback. It's good to see it's being thought about though, as I am intending to purchase the IXEG 737 and I do fly VR, so I am quite interested in this. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  3. t3hb00t

    VR Yoke

    Whilst that was true, fairly recently it's becoming more of a reality. I use VR in airliners and I know of a Twitch streamer that does too: The fidelity of the headsets is just about there now (i.e. now that we're past gen 1 VIVE and Rift) and modern systems, with correctly configured X-Plane 11, can achieve decent performance in VR.
  4. t3hb00t


    Thanks - I'll be buying it very soon then.
  5. t3hb00t


    Hello, I'm very interested in the IXEG 737. Will the next update be free for existing owners or will there be an upgrade cost? (I'm asking so I know whether to buy it now or later.) Thanks
  6. t3hb00t

    Shadows in Cockpit

    There's something on the Org store for shadows, but I don't own it and can't vouch for how effective it is: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/180622-mwp-projects-trueshadows-release/ Shadows don't bother me enough to buy it.