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    crashing to desktop

    hi all. i ve been running fine xplane with the ixeg 737 for the past 7 months no problems at all. after a new installation of xplane whenever i fly the 737 i crash to desktop . the log is giving me : Memory Allocation Error: Run(timer): xs_sound_engine: not enough memory. its not always the same message but is always related to = memory allocation Error:............... installed same plugins as before i reinstalled the ixeg a few times, all my other planes run tottaly fine . im running 2700x - 1080ti - 32g ram .have changed nothing at all from my previous "running fine" installation . please any ides will be very welcome its my favourite plane
  2. hi all. i bought yesterday the 737 from ixeg version 1.21. my problem is that if i zoom and correct something on the mcdn while im flying the frames drop to 1 and i have to shut down the game. any ides will be very welcome . my pc has 32g of ram i have a ryzen 2700x and no problems of that sort on any other games or other planes in xplane 11.