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    CTD after fresh load

    After reading that other thread I did a full scan on my main windows drive and found no errors to fix. I'm only running two monitors as well. I had the same issue just switching to one monitor. I ended up installing a fresh copy of XP11 on a new drive. After installing the TBM as the only 3rd party content I was able to do a quick test flight with a full shutdown and tie down of the plane. I did one more test and quit the simulator mid flight. I was able to say no on the resume flight windows the next time and not CTD. This looks promising but I will start adding the plugins one by one to see if they had any effect.
  2. CamCamJelly

    CTD after fresh load

    I noticed on the log a bunch of lines of "2019-03-14 22:43:23 TBM900[navaiddb.c:512]: Error parsing D:\Steam\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\\Custom Scenery\Global Airports\Earth nav data\earth_nav.dat: malformed data on line 2000" Could these be what is causing my issue?
  3. CamCamJelly

    CTD after fresh load

    Ok removed the Plugins besides Gizmo64. I also realized I had AI aircraft for World Traffic 3 still in there so I removed them. Same CTD when I click no on the TBM load last flight window after load. Log.txt
  4. CamCamJelly

    CTD after fresh load

    I updated my plane to 1.1.6 a few days ago. When I do a flight load I see the menu on the left and the popup to choose to start where I left off. If I hit "no" x plane immediately crashes to desktop. I saw on other posts a recommendation to take out all plugins besides the Gizmo64. I removed them all and got the same issue. The log file attached is right after the CTD with all the plugins disabled. Log.txt