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    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Agree that with v1.1.9 changes to ground model, it is far easier to maintain proper directional control on takeoffs and landings. Great fix !
  2. ChuckO

    CH rudder directional control

    Changes to ground model in new v1.1.9 seem to have eliminated yaw skittishness on takeoffs and landings. Be sure you have latest version.
  3. ChuckO

    Controllability on the ground

    Good news on this topic: the V1.1.9 changes to ground model have eliminated directional skittishness on takeoff and landing !
  4. ChuckO

    Procedure turn gone bad

    I've encountered same problem when trying to fly HILPTs on IAPs charted and in the Navigraph database as part of the procedure - the TBM900 NAV mode usually turns wrong way, and does loopy things. I've also noticed that when I cross the HILPT fix, the OBS button disappears but no SUSP button replaces it. So there is no way to exit the hold. Agree it is likely a problem LR will need to fix. Has anyone else noticed that SUSP goes missing ? Chuck O
  5. Goran - Just to say thanks for all the help. The new v1.1.7 eliminated the CTD problem I encountered when G-1000 started up, backtracable to XPLM_64.dll . Guessing it was because I use multi-monitors on my Win7 rig. Other bugs squashed too - now I can create and save .plns. Chuck O
  6. Good news. Many thanks. Looking forward to a fix ! Yes, I am currently running Win7 Ultimate SP1. FYI I have both 2013 and 2017 x86 and x64 MSVC++Redists installed (In addition to XP11.3 and P3D4 - I also occasionally use older non Win10 compatible addons. Not intending to move to Win10 till next year. I've learned the hard way to be a late adopter!). BTW though persistence is a great feature, I hope you guys will eventually provide an option that allows users to disable persistence/Recovery Mode feature when necessary. Chuck O
  7. Thanks, Goran. Relieved to know there are no fundamental issues. I launched the TBM and got past the "flight recovery" hang using trick Rob suggested of deleting the TBM output folder. TBM900 opened ok, and began the startup tutorial. I quit out of it, applied brake, powered up usingthe GPU and then started the engine. The displays came up and just as I was about to add fuel, I got a CTD. Win eventviewer said only Faulting module path: E:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\X-Aviation\TBM-900\plugins\systems\win_x64\systems.xpl. Attached is log.txt that I saved immediately after the sim quit; backtrace is pointing to \X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\XPLM_64.dll. Not sure what that does. Any plugins that seem suspect ? My non X-Aviation plugins are X-Camera , BetterPushback, and PilotEdge but they work fine with all my other aircraft, only the X-Camera was in use here, and I was able to change views OK before starting engine. Really love this airplane and want to get it working again ! Thoughts on what step to do next ? Chuck O Log.txt
  8. Thanks Rob - Many thanks. Yes, simply deleting the /xplane/output folder got me unstuck from the "Flight Recovery" mode. Great to know. TBM 900 finishes loading without the Flight Recovery dialog. However, if I then just allow the startup tutorial to run, all goes fine till I get to the MFD powerup step, and then X-Plane CTDs, with the MSVC++ runtime error dialog. If I restart I'm back stuck in "Flight Recovery" mode again, unless I first delete the /xplane/output folder. Happens consistently. So apparently something in the new v1.1.6 related to MFD startup is causing the CTD. I never had this problem earlier running TBM900 v1.1.4c. However: Cameron - Do we know that v.1.1.6 is compatible with the recently release X-Plane 11.32r2 update ? I was running v1.14c successfully under 11.31r1 previously. Chuck O
  9. Hi Cameron - Uninstalled v1.1.6 using Win7 control panel, went to my X-Plane root folder and deleted the TBM aircraft folder remaining, and tested X-Plane to be sure that TBM was gone and that other aircraft worked normally. I then downloaded 1.1.6 version installer from the X-Aviation sales site, unzipped. Installation and licensing appeared normal. Launched X-Plane, found TBM900, created a new flight using it, launched it and activated license . But simultaneously got a "Flight Recovery" dialog box saying "It seems your last flight wasn't completed. Would you like to position the aircraft where it was before and continue the flight? (If you answer "No", the state of all aircraft systems will be restored, but the aircraft will remain where it is now). Discovered that regardless of I answer yes or no, I immediately get an XP11.3 CDT and an MSVC++ error dialog box saying the app has requested runtime to terminate. It seems that even though I deleted the aircraft folder during reinstall, X-Plane has kept some info somewhere else about a previousTBM900 flight, and wants to know if I want to continue it in the air as before or on the ground. But if the last flight ended in CTD, perhaps there is something about the saved states tthat is crashing the recovery process. Is that a possibility ? I like the TBM900 "Flight Recovery" feature - not available in the stock airplanes, right ? But in my case could erroneous saved data be why I seem to be trapped in recovery mode when I try to restart ? Is there a way I can prevent X-Plane launching the TBM900 to recovery mode ? Are there any log files I can provide that would help in diagnosis ? Chuck O
  10. Using Win7/XP 11.32r2 and TBM600 v1.1.4c with no problems. Just upgraded to TBM600 v1.1.6 using X-Updater-Client.jar. Launched new version ok, but crashed during engine start. Thereafter when I launch a TBM 900 flight, I immediately get a "Flight Recovery" dialog box, but regardless of whether I answer yes or no I can get no further. Either way XP11.3 CTDs with a Microsoft Visual C+++ runtime library error...contact the applications support team for more information. I can launch other aircraft OK without getting error. Changing location or to another TBM 600 livery still gives me a "Flight Recovery" dialog, and I'm stuck. Known problem ? I can send log.txt or TBM900_Log.txt if it would help in diagnosis. ChuckO