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  1. tADEUS73

    1.5.1 Windshield reflections

    You can try to use this: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44034-visual-enhancement-mod-les-saab-340/ It removes them. And adds tonnes of stuff that might be useful.
  2. tADEUS73

    Limited bank angle

    Hi, nice to see that you are working on it and are on the lookout for feedback. But I'm a good user I have already reported all my doubts related to sound/ bugs etc a long time ago, for example here: Goran was kind enough to respond that missing sounds is a thing you guys want to try to improve in 2.0. Which is fine for 2.0. Obviously, In my prior posts I haven't mentioned the missing engine sounds during replays as this is a well-known thing for the plane. I like engine sounds during replays, all my planes have them, probably not without reason, but it wouldn't be a biggie, if this would be the sole issue. That's perfectly fine. That's exactly how I see the current status of the plane. Obviously, your warning isn't visible on the store before the purchase, and "small" means different things to different people, so criticism shouldn't be very surprising in this case. As a general note. Goran has been always helpful and friendly on the forums and I think a lot of his work is just ingenious, but in the end I'm just rating the plane I have on my hard drive and not the developer. The current issues with the plane are significant to me, but of course they might not be to other people, that still immensely enjoy the plane. That's the beauty of having different opinions
  3. tADEUS73

    Limited bank angle

    Sorry guys. I know that this plane was very advanced for it's time. But now it's simply neglected and badly hurt by xp patches. It's not only about the bank angle but also about the totally crazy engine behavior. It doesn't also help that it lacks a lot of sounds that are the standard now, especially for planes in this price range. I wonder if it takes that long because it's simply very old code with a lot of custom systems. Version 2.0 was supposed to make it a great contender again, but it's kind of an excuse now for 2 years to not do anything more significant on this plane. And it's hard to tell how profitable it would be now with the pretty decent Carenado model out. I would gladly recommend this plane, but now it's shelved and I can't recommend it. Also, Cameron, please don't publish info about individual customer purchases just because you want to shine in forum discussions. That's very unprofessional.
  4. tADEUS73

    Cessna 310L v1.1.0 Update Released!

    OK, I did test it for some time. I just have to say, you are a true artist. After all those patches it's definitely one of the best aircraft in XP11 and it's insane how you manage to quickly introduce all those cool features that even very experienced developers struggle with But I also like to hunt bugs 1. The hatches seem bugged in the weight menu. I can only open the main door, if I try to open any of the hatches from the menu nothing happens or the main door closes if it's open. 2. The aft right window seems to be a little bit buggy with icing, when you look at the plane from exterior view. The ice goes through the model (which surprisingly happens only with this one window).
  5. tADEUS73

    Cessna 310L v1.1.0 Update Released!

    Sounds insanely good, downloading now, thank you!
  6. tADEUS73

    Autopilot won't engage

    No problem. It isn't obvious by any means, enjoy your Saab
  7. tADEUS73

    Autopilot won't engage

    Do you hold the "autopilot on" slider for 2 seconds in the on position before releasing it?
  8. tADEUS73

    Cessna 310L v1.0.9 Update Released!

    Do you have HDR one? (Xplane graphic options).
  9. tADEUS73

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    I did some tests. Updated my X-aviation license > It did update, but no effect on the plane. Seems like it was up-to-date before. I did disable Gizmo > It did show a similar effect to the smears (and some rain drops) but most other systems in the plane didn't work. I did enable it again. Back to the thing I had before, everything in the plane works but I still have smears. I did reboot the scripts through Gizmo > No effect. Seems hopeless
  10. tADEUS73

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Hi, Thanks for checking it on your side. My fps is around 40 average on the ground and 25-35 in the air depending on weather mostly. Interesting. I wonder why it only displays for some users. It's both in the passenger and cargo versions so I guess it's not some damaged file as they each have their files. Taking away the "glass" does fix it apparently, but I guess I prefer to have glass and not use the wipers
  11. tADEUS73

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Well it looks like there isn't much movement in this forum section lately, so I can as well say, what I did find out on those smears. It seems like a lot of ppl don't have this problem... because they use the Visual Enhancement Mod for the Saab (the one with the little tables) and it removes the reflection/glass material of the windows altogether, so there are no smears because there is nothing there to have smears on They just fly without windows altogether and don't even notice that the plugin did that (basing on observation of youtubers:>). If you have the glass/the reflective layer, then the wiper seems to simply delete it partially when it swipes.
  12. tADEUS73

    Altitude UP/DOWN

    Hi, Really like the new update, but there are some things I don't get. I'm not sure if it's something with the trims or the autopilot, but I can't get the autopilot to use the up/down/alt functionality correctly. I kind of understand that it's now coupled to the artificial horizon and have this calibrated but... It feels really random how it works now, in the same flight I can use UP without a problem, but Down goes back to 0VS each time after a minute, or one of the functions works correctly and then it suddenly stops after like 10 minutes of cruise without me doing anything, holding the same altitude also doesn't work. OK, it works, for some minutes and then the plane starts gaining altitude abruptly. Before the update it worked fine. Am I the only one?
  13. tADEUS73

    Problems with de ice

    A lot of planes have the same problem after 1.30: Solvable by assigning a hotkey to wing de-icing. Is supposed to get fixed in 1.5.2.
  14. tADEUS73

    Bug Report

    AFAIK it's an old plane and the GPS isn't coupled with the autopilot, it's only a guide for you. The OMNI is only for radio navigation.
  15. tADEUS73

    Cessna 310L v1.0.9 Update Released!

    Did some rounds around Mallorca, oh my do I love this little devil I guess it was a thing already in the prior patches but also realized the cowl flaps setting actually has an influence on the temperature indicator and it changes very gradually and naturally. Well I also managed to mess up one of my engines, by (I guess) overusing the primer during low temperature. How do I get rid of the fuel? Dry motoring? How, when the condition lever automatically goes up when I'm starting the engine? Wow, a short guide on the new engine operation would be great for piston newbies like me, because when I try to google piston-related questions I'm only getting topics with tens of sides of arguing about the magical rituals around the engines no one can agree on, lol