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    Actually there is a radio altimeter. It's the green number that appears on the PFD when you are <2500 feet above ground level.
  2. Jf17

    Some questions after being away.

    1. The sunshades are modelled but you can not see them from outside. 2. I don't get this issue. 3. They have reworked the Tbm's ground handling. 4. This also happens to me. But I don't know whether it's a bug on Laminar's side or Hot Start's side. Greetings.
  3. Jf17

    strange reddish tunnel vision in cockpit

    Do you mean the Tbm 900? If s, then your cabin temperature is too high so you have to cool it down. Look in the ECS info for the cabin temeperature. You can cool down the Tbm's cabin by increasing the fan speed. Greetings.
  4. Jf17

    A Very Special Plane

    I own three Addon aircraft in X-plane: The Aerobask Da 62, the FlightFactor A320 and the Hot Start Tbm 900. 99% of time in X-Plane I fly the Tbm 900 It's a great airplane! Greetings!
  5. Jf17

    Speeds in G1000?

    Me too
  6. Hello there, I have run in some strange issue with the Emergency Locater Transmitter (E.L.T.). It has failed due to excessive wear, that is what the log text say. So I looked up my maintenance manager but I couldn't find anything being broken. I also looked up the "fail menu" saying that the E.L.T has been failed. I pushed "fix all" but the E.L.T. returned to be red. Do you know how the E.L.T mush have been failed and how I can make it work again? Kind regards. TBM900_Log.txt
  7. Hello, I noticed a little visual bug with the sun visors and the new rain effects. During rain it looks like the sun visors are outside of the aiurcrafts front window. You can see this on the image below. This bug does not occure when you fold down the sun visors. Greetings.
  8. This bug was solved in 1.1.8. Thank you Hot Start team!
  9. Jf17

    Flight recovery issue

    Hello, I removed all plugins except gizmo and reshade. It did not work. So I to deleted the output folder. I hope everything works now. Greetings.
  10. Jf17

    Flight recovery issue

    TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  11. Jf17

    Flight recovery issue

    I have the same issue like you. Kind regards.
  12. Jf17

    Sound issues on 1.1.6

    TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  13. Jf17

    Sound issues on 1.1.6

    I am on Windows 10.
  14. Jf17

    Sound issues on 1.1.6

    Hello, I am experiencing the same issue like you. I already planned to create a separate topic on this but now you have already done it. Regards.
  15. Good to know. Apparently I am not the only one experiencing this issue. However I have contacted Toto on the discord, so maybe he can solve this issue. Regards.