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  1. dcowsill

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    Last time I tried I could enter waypoints, but as soon as I tried to delete the current flightplan or set the destination airport bam. Before the 'fpl file workaround' posted a little while ago, I also couldn't start the engine. It would CTD just before 50% NG. I don't envy the developers that have to wrangle these sorts of weird bugs.
  2. dcowsill

    Descent tips

    Thanks RobW05. I'll try this out once I can fly again!
  3. dcowsill

    The TBM, CTD's and XP 11.32

    I appreciate it. Truth be told I was pretty frustrated when I learned what was behind my CTD issues with the TBM. I've been impressed with how your team is handling this and even more impressed at the small community around this plane and how patient and understanding they are. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work.
  4. dcowsill

    Descent tips

    I really should figure out how to manually calculate my descents. I've been too long pampered by commercial jets. I use the VNV mode for most of my descents.
  5. dcowsill

    11.32 and fmc CTD

    Another report. CTD while attempting to delete flight plan on XP 11.32b and TBM 1.14b. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  6. dcowsill

    France to USa. TBM delivery.

    I've found that VNAV will not engage unless the V/S mode is active (even if it's set to 0 f/s). I've not done a lot of testing though!