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    I have completed several flights since adding a paging file to my xplane drive without issue. Framerates are good and no CTD's. I am running the usual plugins such as ASWP, UWXP, Xvision etc. All of my plugins are professional programs, not amateur flywithua files. Therefore, whilst I am no computer programmer, I tend to think that my CTD'S are not plugin related, but more an issue of excess memory usage. I would suggest that anyone getting constant CTD's like myself should make sure they have a decent sized paging file and/or reduce settings to free up some memory space and see if this helps., especially if your video card on board memory is 8G or less. Goran has stated on numerous occasions that there is a lot going on in the background with the TBM, and it appears the aircraft is using a lot more memory that other aircraft, as I have no problem with other aircraft. Finally it seems that i can enjoy this wonderful aircraft to the fullest and i hope that future updates may try to optimise the program to address memory usage/leaks if possible.
  2. Petejohno


    I just completed a flight from the isle of man to wick in orbx scotland without a CTD. I am still running my plugins but I made a change to my system. My operating system is on the C drive and all my files including XPlane is on the D drive. I noticed that my D drive did not have a paging file. I reset this to a windows system managed pageing file - around 5g - and my flight was perfect. I'm reluctant to say that i have solved the issue of the exception handler, but so far so good. I'll keep testing.
  3. Petejohno


    I have disabled any AI. i was running live traffic and removed it hoping that it was causing the CTD. The plugins are all fine with other aircraft and are the usual. UWXP, ASXP, etc. Have you any idea what may cause the exception that a lot of people are getting? Maybe memory usage or terrain/chart reading? I have never had this with any other aircraft.
  4. Petejohno


    I am having consistent crashes and they all seem to be the exception handler issue. 2019-04-02 18:46:52 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000 Like most others, this does not occur with any other aircraft. It is very frustrating to spend 20 mins flight planning to get a crash 5 mins into the flight. In fact, I cannot use the aircraft with these crashes. I use orthos and orbx sceneries. I am suspecting that the program is very sensitive to these sceneries and generating a CTD. Is there any way to disable the terrain radar, or any other scenery reading from the aircraft, so that I can test if this is the problem. I wouldn"t normally persevere so long, only that I love the work you have put into this and it is the best GA aircraft I have seen for any simulator. Please find attached my logs. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  5. Petejohno


    I just got the exception handler crash. Here is attached my log txt. Hope this help solve the problem log.txt
  6. Petejohno

    Throttle issue in new update

    All seems ok if the c172 is loaded first. Test flight was fine.
  7. Petejohno

    Throttle issue in new update

    I loaded the C172 and the throttle is working now. I'll do a test flight and advise.
  8. Petejohno

    Throttle issue in new update

    I am having the same issue. I'm on 11.32r1. Once the throttle is moved to flight idle, it automatically increases and my assigned throttle does not work. I can use the mouse, but it still increases by itself. I have deleted my old tbm preferences and started again-same issue.