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    Cessna 310L v1.0.8 Update Released!

    All answers read and understood. I had returned to inform that i was mistaken re the glideslope. KSAN does indeed as you say have a LOC only approach from the east, from the west it has both LOC and GS, and these do function correctly. re 2) Still no luck there, never have i ever seen anything appear on the display aside from the blank arches. I am running XP11r3 - Steam BETA, might have something to do with it? I'm unable to do testing at the moment as i've packed up my gear, and am about to move house, i'll look into it in a few weeks. On everything else, all good, appreciate the great work and how approachable you are, this ads a great deal of vale to the aircraft. Look forward to seeing your future work!
  2. v81

    Cessna 310L v1.0.8 Update Released!

    Hi @Digital Replica Purchased a couple of months ago and quite like the 310L There are a few issues i was wondering if you could help out with... 1) The ILS glideslope seems non functional, testing this at KSAN 1b) The GS flag disappears when on the correct frequency, but when 10 - 20 KHz below fewquency it shows up Glideslope never functions regardless. 2) The weather radar seems non functional, got stuck in a storm, thunder bolts and lightening very very frightening, not even a hint of anything showing on the radar. 3) The anti ice systems are currently non functional, i iced up and crashed before i realised that was the case. Any chance it could be got up an running? 4) Opinion - the reflections are way overkill, i just turn them off, but it would be nice if they are toned down a bit, at at least defaulted as less intrusive. (Both instruments and windows) 5) Gauges, instruments and dials have a weird elongated look, really looks odd and unsettling. Bonus - any chance of a Turbo variant, a T310R for example? Well aware there already is one from another dev, but this package would be a must buy with the traditional 310L and the popular T310R The cockpit looks great by the way, has a real 60's vibe.
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    Taildraggin68's Corner

    These are some brilliant liveries, well done!