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  1. Good morning


    On 08 February 2019 I bought IXEG 737 Classic. Everything worked more or less until April 2019 The Nav screen did not show the departed route in sync with the FMC, so I had to switch to debug mode, which was quite annoying. I tried to reboot and probably I did something with the freeze but I'm not sure. Anyway, I went for a vacation afterwards. After my return, this problem has arisen for me (attached screenshots). On May 23, I left a message on this forum to Cameron, but I never received an answer.

    Then I left a message on the home page. On October 31, I received a ticket via e-mail. The same day I wrote back that I did not know how that works with the ticket. No Answer. On the 14th of November I sent another message and got another ticket but no answer. Now I try it one last time on this forum and at the same time with a copy to the support. The whole thing I find a little tedious.



  2. tkyler

    IXEG 733 Development Status

    So this is a heads up that it might go quiet for a few weeks. Not because we're not working on it, we definitely are, but the conversion of sounds to FMOD is going to be a very intense task. We wrote our own sound engine before X-Plane adopted FMOD....and our system is quite versatile and very quick to add sounds in code, but its also based on OpenAL, which is going away in XPlane 12 IIRC. Now we could probably distribute an openAL DLL as a solution; however, that is probably asking for more trouble trying to play alongside X-Plane's FMOD sandbox....so we might as well tough-it-up and make the change. We have over 1400 lines of code that control various sounds in the sim...and we have to go through each of these situations, audit the behaviors and then port that behavior to FMOD...probably having to write new code just to drive the FMOD inputs. In the same way we ported the 3D, we will chip away each day on this task until its done and report back as we progress. -tkyler
  3. tkyler

    IXEG 733 Development Status

    Conversion of all 3D to the new toolchain is complete and we have exported out all of the 737 objects from the new version of Blender. Jan and I will begin testing the functionality to see what I may have missed in the conversion as I had to hand-edit an enormous volume of elements to prep it for the conversion software. Next up is converting the sounds. The attached screenshot shows a "quickie adjustment" I made to test drive the 3D update process......about 15 minutes of fooling around in Blender to see how quick I could make an update to the 3D with the new toolchain. (I know, the circle isn't perfectly round....but it was only 15 minutes) -tkyler
  4. tkyler

    IXEG 733 Development Status

    So the following screenshot tells two stories. 1). We have almost completed the conversion of all 3D assets to to the new Toolchain. Two assets remain and I'll probably knock that out over the weekend. The second story....is that with the upgrading of our assets, we finally have a workflow between 3D and Substance Painter® for texturing....in this screenshot the glare shield has a bit of a texture to it, nothing major, but adds to the immersion that's so important to us. We'll be able to start sharpening up several 3D elements that are a bit low-res by todays standards. The roadmap after this 3D conversion is to then convert the sounds to FMOD, upgrade the 3D a bit, including a revised cabin and working doors and make any adjustments required by the X-Plane flight model itself for stability and we'll probably put out an update then. Then I'll move back to the FMS to finish up my integration of the XP1100 data format and get the holds integrated, the VNAV cleaned up and several other FMS polish work. -tkyler
  5. its waiting in the wings while I work on the IXEG 733, getting it up to speed with the new tools. After the IXEG update comes out, I'll resume the MU2 work. -tkyler
  6. tkyler


    Certainly once we get all the 3D assets converted to the new workflow, a cargo variant would not be terribly difficult. We'll put this on the wish list. -tkyler
  7. tkyler

    Is this still alive?

    With a future release of the 737 rather....the ball is in our court. Its been fixed and will make it out on next update.....yes....a real update! -tkyler
  8. tkyler

    IXEG 733 Development Status

    With modern tools, comes modern features.
  9. tkyler

    IXEG 733 Development Status

    another update, for those who may not have seen discussions in other threads. As much as I've spoken about FMS work...that was mostly because all the other aspects of our project, the 3D, the sounds, etc....were bound up in deprecated technology and tools, making it VERY difficult to update things....whereas the FMS was just code work. This was not really a lack of foresight on our part regarding the 3D tools, but rather being so far ahead of the game way back when we started, we came up with our own solutions.....that were not quite compatible with the way X-Plane moved with regards to developer tools. WELL.....thanks to Ted Greene of Laminar.....he has coded up a "converter" between the old toolchain we used and the 'toolchain of today'. Only in the last week did we work out some critical bugs that allowed us to begin converting all our assets into the modern workflow supported by Laminar. We are currently in the process of converting all our work to this new toolchain and have converted some of the most complex aspects of it already...so we do not anticpate much resistance converting the rest of the work. This converter by Laminar is a huge lifeline of sorts and will allow us to again respond quickly to bugs and manage updates once we establish a new baseline with these tools. -TomK
  10. tkyler

    Is this still alive?

    We have confirmed the issue with Laminar. They are aware of the issue now and chasing it down. This issue should resolve itself with a future update from XP. -tkyler
  11. tkyler

    Is this still alive?

    After working with Ted from laminar to squash a few bugs in the 3D converter, we have it working and have successfully converted many objects over to the new Blender 3D workflow including some pretty complex ones as well. My hats off to Ted...this converter was a real lifeline for us. This was a very very big hurdle to clear. I expect to have all the objects converted before the weekend is out. This will effectively restore our 3D workflow and allow us to get back on the cabin / door work in the 3D department. We still have sounds to convert to FMOD and also our 2D GUI to rework to the new look. The FMS work will resume once all the 3D conversions are done. It is unfortunate that all this infrastructure doesn't have anything visual to show for it but I can assure you, its quite significant for IXEG ability to get back on track with improving things. -tkyler
  12. tkyler

    Is this still alive?

    So some pretty significant news. One of the contributing factors to our lack of updating was our mostly deprecated 3D toolchain using a very old version of Blender. Because our project is of a significant amount of 3D complexity.....manually transposing all the work (6 years worth) to the newest toolchain used by Laminar was so daunting as to preclude us from even attempting it. Laminar, recognizing the volume of work performed by many aircraft developers in this old version of Blender was significant enough to warrant their development of an "automatic conversion" tool. As such, Ted Green of Laminar took on the task and provided it as of a few months ago.....but we (IXEG) have only gotten around to trying it recently....after waiting for Blender 2.8+ to also evolved and stabilize . But I am happy to report that we have successfully converted about 85% of our 3D work and its now in the new Blender 3D / Laminar pipeline and exporting as expected. The remaining 15%, we will have to do by hand and will take a bit of time....but once done, SHOULD allow us to make more frequent updates as we did early in our release. It is our hope that once we get the new toolchain back up and running (and it was our efficient toolchain that allowed quick updates during release)....we should be able to handle updates well again. It was unfortunate that XP and the toolchain (and Blender) all changed radically at about the same time...leaving us somewhat in a difficult spot, but I do see a lot of light on the horizon. -TomKyler
  13. tkyler

    Is this still alive?

    Thanks for the inputs gentlemen, I fully understand everyones point of view and dont' disagree with folks feelings. The issues to bring the 733 up to speed are indeed challenging for sure, and there are several factors contributing to the complexity of the situation; however, the likelihood of us falling behind technologicially is not as great as it may seem....that's not the issue. The issue has always been stability for myself as I'm the one who needs to fix the glaring issues. Not an excuse, but an explanation....(followed by a course of action) As a self-employeed engineer, I'm always having to gauge project opportunities that can provide for me and my family and the 733 and customers have taken the hit over the last few years while I've committed to other work that has to be completed towards 'deliverables'. ...in particular, what I like to call, "the NASA gig"...which fortuantely is over....and took 4 years of my life at heavy cost....and why I got out. As that gig ended earlier this year, I begin looking for other work, while simultaneously working on the FMS again...and folks have seen those posts around that time frame I'm sure. For those who might say, "why not just work on the 733 full time".....the simple answer is that even with the X-Plane market at its best, it doesn't compare to what I make as an engineer...and it'd only be a matter of time before I went broke on 733 revenue alone (i.e. kids college tuitions, mortgage, etc). I have since secured new work (in the flight simulation industry no less.) and began in November. After much discussion with Cameron / X-Aviation.......the obvious course of action is for me to simply prioritize and focus all my available X-Plane time on bringing the 733 back up to speed. Whereas the NASA gig ate up nearly 50-60 hours week....this new job is more stabilized...and basically puts me back in the same situation I was in when originally working on the 733 years ago. That's the story and the plan moving forward. I need to get on it. -tkyler
  14. tkyler

    Strange MCP panel light

    In Planemaker, Standard > Misc Objects menu....the MCP lighting mode for the B733_mcp.obj is set to "glass outside", and is being affected by the landing lights when they're on. The pull-down for the lighting setting should be set to Glass (inside)...which should fix the issue. -TomK
  15. tkyler

    Throttle and Prop levers not movable

    That's good debug info. I'll ping the XA guys...haven't seen this one myself yet. Report back asap. -TomK