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  1. Holds have not been implemented yet. VNAV calculations can be problematic, especially when route modes are EXEC during descents, and we have resumed work on improving these calcs. LNAV is relatively solid statistically, but there are some combinations of procedures that can rear their ugly head. Supporting two datasets, Navigraph/Aerosoft has proven challenging due to the fact that Aerosfot uses "Runway Transition" data types and Navigraph does not...and I have found in many cases that problem routes are due to these difference. We are looking into our algorithms to see if we can hide the difference to the end user. It would have been immensely easier if we'd have just stuck with one dataset....oh well My current focus is on improving the FMS all around. -tkyler
  2. Hi John, I'd have to see the entire route you entered, including perf data to be able to "trace" the routing in code. What I would recommend is right after you EXEC a route, use the STEP function to step through the route and if you see these double lines, then pause the sim and save the file, IXEG_FMS_debug.txt, which will be in the IXEG folder. This file is generatred every time you hit EXEC, so you want to duplicate it when you see the error, less you hit the EXEC button again and lose the data that generated the anomaly. Then you can post that file here and I can examine the data and see whats what. Tom
  3. Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    Sure. The manual update is "in progress" and I chip on the chapters a bit at a time. Being a relatively comprehensive rewrite, its a goodly amount of work. Can't say when I'll get it done, but I do work on it regularly. -tkyler
  4. Hello Gents, Sorry for the delay, college graduation, holidays, end of year stuffs. I'm back on the docs and as soon as its done, we'll release V1.9 update -tkyler
  5. Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    tons of tweaks, and on V11.1 no less.....and its pretty much done. In fact, I was preparing the "whats new" document just this evening. While doing so, I realized that the POH is quite out of date in that the procedures in there don't include procedures for the realistic new features I just put in. Sooo....I'm working on reworking the POH and as soon as that's done, we'll kick out the update, v1.9 for XP11.1. Won't be in the next few days though...but not too far off. -tkyler For those's the list of updated stuff. Propellor start locks simulation. More accurate start sequence timing and EGTs Unfeather pumps (for putting props on locks and also for air-starts) More accurate fuel governor for idle and overspeed situations Accurate power lever range. Low thrust at Ground Idle, no more super thrust in the beta regime Proper beta range control of prop pitch via the power levers. Negative Torque Sensor / feather valve simulation. Cleaned up cockpit night lighting texture slightly to eliminate "blurred text" in several areas Fixed transponder ident function for Pilot Edge® network users. Was not working before. New volumetric propellors in side view. Small tweaks to the PBR textures for a bit shinier reflections. New preferences window for: setting default VFR codes for the GTX330. Joystick preferences for power lever usage. Split or "realistic" modes Updated procedures in the POH to reflect new features.
  6. I've got hardware working well with the Moo, both single paddle and dual paddle throttles. I am going to include a new preference, to operate the throttles either "realistically" or "split" In the realistic mode, your joystick throttle throw will match the MU2 power lever throw. That is if your joystick throttle paddle is all the way aft, then the power lever on the MU2 will be all the way aft (putting the props in beta mode). This is risky during flight, because during a descent, when you power back, joysticks generally do not have a detent to stop the lever motion...and so you can accidentally go into beta/reverse in this way. I am including a "detent tolerance" range preference though that will cause the throttles to snap into this detent when the joystick is in a certain range....and then light up the beta light on the panel (currently labeled "reverse") This allows users to know when they're at the limit of the prop governing range and have some joystick wiggle room without going into beta....and if you do pull the joystick throttle any further aft, then you know you'll be moving into the beta range ...and that could get nasty during descent. BUT, like in the real plane, when you land, you can just pull your joystick paddles further aft to go into reverse, and this feels a bit more natural. The other option will be "split", which is the way its been for some time. Cycling your joystick throttle paddle through its full range will either move the MU2 power lever between max throttle & Flight idle....or between Flight Idle & full reverse...and you use the "beta toggle" command (/ key) to swap between the two modes. In prop governing mode, this is quite natural as moving your joystick throttle forward will also move the MU2 power lever forward. But when you're in beta mode, moving the joystick throttle forward will cause the MU2 power lever to move backwards. This will ensure you don't accidentally go into beta. Its akin to "pulling the levers over the detent", in that it takes an explicit action (hitting the command key) to go into beta mode. Its natural once you get used to it, but at least now, you will be able to choose your preference. Only thing left before an update patch is for me to look at the EGT and Fuel Flow and have a few folks test. EGT appears way off in XP11 for some reason. -tkyler
  7. Hi all. with the "Black Friday" sale onging, I'm sure there will be new users who will notice the engine inconsistencies in the MU2 model, i.e feathered props and EGT, etc. XP 11 brought about several sweeping changes to the engine model and this current MU2 1.8 release was a "V11 compatibility" release, at the request of several folks who feel that some MU2 flying is better than no MU2 flying in V11. So even though V11 broke a few things, we have released it as the V1.8 update so folks could fly it again. While this is great for existing owners, for new owners it might come across as, "hey this is really broke" and unawares of how XPlane can break things during major version releases. Now the good news, is XP11 brought about some new functionality that will allow me to simulate the Garrett engine better and more accurately than ever before, and I am at present working through those changes and nearly done. So to those new owners, I say, hold on for a bit and we will be putting an update out in the near future that will get this MU2 engine working great. -tkyler
  8. well I got past the startup related issue and now am working on calibrating the NTS implementation (and NTS ground test) as well as "in flight air start" using the unfeather pump. Getting pretty close to that patch and much more accurate engine behavior. Definitely more than 10 plane-maker clicks I can tell you that Here's a good read I'm taking some sources from: I'll begin the visual rework for v2.0 in 2018. -tkyler
  9. Progress report on engine work/update patch. The engine model is now approaching very good accuracy over about 95% of Garrett behavior....including prop lock mechanism, both setting and releasing the locks...(and feathering if you forget) un-feathering pump functionality. No more "reverse" mode per se, only beta and prop governing modes as in reality. I'm considering removing the 'REVERSE' light...or at least relabeling it "BETA". Reverse thrust results with increasing beta angle. proper engine RPM control in both beta and prop modes. Condition levers at taxi will keep the RPMs around 72% range in both beta/prop modes...but will vary slightly as fuel controller response does its thing Proper lever you start engines with power lever between ground/flight idle as per real procedure, not at flight idle. Nominal thrust in the ground idle, beta more "super thrust" between ground idle and flight idle. overspeed governor. Fire-walling throttle with blades at flat pitch will limit RPM accordingly. NOTE that the Moo hasn't been tested in 11.1 yet. I've been warned by several inside folks that I should treat 11.1 integration cautiously, but until I get there I won't know. At the very least, this version will be the baseline and so still needs to be done for the current version. I've changed nearly all of the engine code. Patch date unknown. Still have to conduct flight tests with engine shutdown and air restarts....also looking to implement accurate NTS behavior during in-flight engine shutdowns...and unsure what I'll come across there. Update to the 1.x run will be free as usual. -tkyler
  10. thank MU-2

    Glad you like it Wayne, there are some known issues but its about to get a bit more which point I'll issue a patch and also update the documents. Regarding going into reverse....some folks say you need to put the condition levers slightly above taxi......but I have no idea why that would work Generally you use the keyboard to toggle into "reverse" (and the yellow light on the panel will light up)....then you move your joystick throttle as normal to go in to reverse. If the reverse light IS lit up and you still have that problem, then definitely some common theme going on with some hardware I have to figure out. -tkyler
  11. Sorry man, this one totally slipped by me. The Moo utilizes what is called a NTS (negative torque sensor) system. When the engine is driving the prop, the torque is in "one direction" and when the engine fails (power loss), the wind will then cause the prop to drive the engine and the torque will be in the "opposite direction"...or rather, 'negative torque'. When that happens, the NTS system, which is a hydro-mechanical system, will cause the feather valve to open and allow the blade to rotate towards feather via the feather spring. As the blade rotates towards feather, the wind force driving the blade will dimension and the negative torque ceases (it doesn't actually, but thats another discussion on how the NTS system works). Anyhow...this cessation of negative torque on the NTS system usually happens before the blade has fully feathered though. As such, the Mitsubishi documentation does not refer to the NTS system as an 'automatic feathering system', but rather a 'drag reduction' system. To fully feather the prop to its minimal drag configuration, you still have to pull the condition lever back all the way to dump the remaining oil in the prop governor. So to recap, in an engine failure, the prop would "mostly feather" rather quickly via the NTS system, but still have some drag....and you, as a saavy pilot would figure this out quickly and move the appropriate condition lever to full aft, and get that full feather / minimum drag configuration. I've been playing with some new XP11 datarefs and think I can squeeze all this functionality in. I'm having an issue with the engine start sequence currently and need some feedback from laminar. Once I get past that, I'm going to test my NTS implementation and once I get that going, should be ready to issue a patch, -tkyler
  12. I honestly can't say I've heard it. Can you possibly record it somehow? and post it? -tkyler
  13. MU-2 throttle problem.

    I found out that a new dataref exists in XP11, dealing specifically with beta mode....and also got some clarification about how the engine speed algorithms work from Laminar. I'm working on incorporating these into an update for more reliable and accurate throttle operations. -tkyler
  14. Right Engine won't start

    as I can't reproduce the problem....then I have no fix for a problem I can't reproduce. something more sinister going on here....several hundred users not seeing or reporting this problem, which would be a very noticeable thing. Right now you're hte only report of the issue. I'm definitely pondering on it though....its not going ignored. -tkyler
  15. Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    sounds good...thx for that. still haven't tried 11.1 yet. Laminar been giving me some good info on some "not so well documented" features and I'm getting the throttles working as in reality, including prop locks. after that, I'll go into 11.1 and start messing about. -tkyler