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  1. 5-blade props will be a preference. -Tom
  2. the occasional proof that I haven't abandoned X-Plane or the Moo.
  3. a little more modern, worthy of XP11 features
  4. its actually not a button, but rather a "trim limit" annunciator. Below is the full text from the real POH autopilot. The jist here is that the trim surface travel it at one of its limits and the autopilot has no further surface movement (in at least one direction) to work with to adjust the aircraft attitude. The reference of the text to "UP" or "ON" escapes me though...I can't recall seeing that offhand. On another note, I'll take the opportunity to say here....for whomever reads it....that the Moo is finally undergoing an extensive overhaul....in prep for V11 and the future in general. The moo was built on V8 tech...and its time to get it updated. The 3D is well underway, and showcased in another forum thread....but the systems programming is also going to the next level, as are the sounds. My goal is to get this guy to the X-aviation "take command" level....i.e. study level. -tkyler
  5. I should think so Tim. I want to test a few things in 11.30, which have some significant fixed-turbo engine changes....I'd hate to have a fix that works pre 11.30 and not for 11.30 also. TomK
  6. ...kind of the vision I had in my head of what I wanted to do way back in 2005 when I started it. A few years of blender experience and improvements, along with X-Plane improvements and seems we might actually get there.
  7. work is definitely moving on a new version.
  8. I'm certainly considering options / preferences for more advanced avionics. I have to have a few discussions with the Laminar crew about a few things firstly...but I see no reason that a few options can't exist. I'm certainly crafting the infrastructure for such options. On another note, with Spx15 launching in a few days, I have to rush off to Florida and have to put the engine power update on hold for about 2 weeks while we conduct this mission. The engine problem persists when using joystick hardware and being that I'm away from my setup at home, I can't fully test atm. Prelim tests to fix the engine power issue were very favorable though and I don't expect to take long after I return to get the fixed engine power update out. As always, appreciate the patience. -tkyler
  9. old school vs. new school.
  10. Seems I remember Jeff Favignano mentioning that the sounds were the same inside and outside....and lamented the lack of FMOD sounds in the Moo. The Moo will be getting FMOD sounds....but I'm not sure whats going on with the current openAL implementation. Looks like the default King Air has the same behavior. SOOO....I'll remove the code that adjusts the sliders....and live with what we have till I get new sounds in for V2.0
  11. I think I have a sound issue...the following settings...yield the EXACT same sounds and volume levels for me inside and outside the aircraft. Anybody else seeing that? I might need to test this on another machine; however, I'm going to remove the code I added to adjust the sliders and that might fix it for everybody else. -tkyler
  12. I'll look into it...I know what you're talking about. I saw an issue with my X-Plane 11.20 whereby going from inside view to outside view had NO change on the sounds. The exterior and interior sliders were always low.....and so I hard coded in the change, BUT tried to honor any slider settings. I might be having sound issues on my platform that others don't, making me implement corrections to problems others don't have. I'll dig back into this and look at it again. -tkyler
  13. I've got the fuel controller adjustments implemented at baseline. I have to do some flight testing to capture the flat rating correctly at altitude before I release though. Sorry for the short delay, but the improvement in engine accuracy should be much nicer. Thx again StevePHL for catching that...too much testing on the ground only. I"ll peek at the FF and EGT stuffs as well. -tkyler
  14. Hey John, sounds like the new prop lock feature got you. Its more realistic and you have the take the props off the locks before taxiing or you'll go nowhere fast I was wrong about the "linear interpolation".....the problem has been traced to my code fighting with Austin's code when a joystick is plugged in. Austin implemented a setting in plane-maker that is not accessible via dataref...and the setting should have been a joystick configuration setting, not a plane-maker constant. He acknowledged as much, but isn't ready to address it now. I'll have to go a level deeper into adjusting my "fuel controller" to compensate, until such time as he affects the change in the sim. Its a code-only change and will be available via hotfix. I'm working on it presently. -tkyler
  15. looks like its a linear interpolation equation on my end for the throttle...due to the way I handle the "split vs. realistic" preference. Its a code only fix....so should be able to do a hotfix and get it out to everybody. Austin gave me some insight into his algorithms so I should be able to clean it up. I'll dig into this first thing in the morning local time. THX for pointing it out Steve! -tkyler