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    Stability problems

    I can now manage to stay on the runway when taking off and landing. In cruise flight, in good weather, no turbulence, at medium power setting, say about 180 KIAS, I can trim the aircraft to fly hands-off for some time, with only minor touches needed to keep straight and level. When I switch on the autopilot, the aircraft starts to pitch up and down at about 2Hz; if I switch off the autopilot, the aircraft that was previously trimmed to fly almost hands-off will start a steep climb of 60° up and then fall off on the left wing. In my opinion, a functioning autopilot should leave the aircraft in trim after disconnection. Any suggestions?
  2. dirkdej

    [SOLVED] Failed installation of TBM900 on Centos7

    Please have a look at my log.txt in first post. Thanks.
  3. I installed Centos7 linux OS from scratch, Installed XP11.26. Stock aircraft and Carenado PC12 work nicely. After installation of the Hotstart TBM900, I cannot click any buttons on the screen, but keyboard commands work. I do not get the side menu. I can take off, using F2 for power, raise the gear using G. If I hover over the switches, I see an up or down-arrow, but nothing moves when clicking. No sound output (TBM only, rest is OK). I re-installed TBM several times, each time the previous version was uninstalled. Any hints? Log.txt is attached. Log.txt