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  1. TAS, IAS, GS: this is basic PPL theory stuff, you may need to read up on it; IAS is what the airspeed indicator shows, the higher you fly, the less air density, the less airspeed is shown. TAS is IAS corrected for density and temperature. unless you fly at 0 feet, at standard temperature of 15°C, TAS will always differ from IAS. GS is TAS +- headwind/tailwind component. You may be flying at 100kts; but against a headwind of 50kts, you only make good 50kts over the ground, this matters for navigation, fuel planning etc.
  2. Yes, you click on the cross in the middle of the screen and the rectangle appears and is active.
  3. I fly with mouse and keyboard. After update to 1.1.9 I cannot activate the yoke control rectangle anymore. No problem on other aircraft.
  4. I have seen these but unable to turn them on. Where is the switch?
  5. Works fine now on Linux. Got rid of the pitch oscillation too. I wonder if there is a way to get more light on the panel at night. The screens are fine but I want more general light.
  6. I did some more flying in the TBM900; I fly with mouse and keyboard, mostly to practice IFR procedures. After top of climb, I set up the aircraft in cruise, trimming manually to maintain S&L in good conditions. After a couple minutes of manual flight, in trim, I switch on the AP. The aircraft remains stable except for some up and down pitching, maybe half a degree, twice per second. When I switch off the AP and want to resume manual flight, the aircraft pitches strongly up or down, even full up or down elevator is not enough to keep control. To me it seems that either the automatic pitch trim is running away or not working. If I switch off the autopilot in any of the aircraft I fly, I get an in-trim aircraft back.
  7. dirkdej

    Cruise speed

    At FL310, ISA, an indicated airspeed of 196KIAS give a true airspeed of 326KTAS.
  8. I can now manage to stay on the runway when taking off and landing. In cruise flight, in good weather, no turbulence, at medium power setting, say about 180 KIAS, I can trim the aircraft to fly hands-off for some time, with only minor touches needed to keep straight and level. When I switch on the autopilot, the aircraft starts to pitch up and down at about 2Hz; if I switch off the autopilot, the aircraft that was previously trimmed to fly almost hands-off will start a steep climb of 60° up and then fall off on the left wing. In my opinion, a functioning autopilot should leave the aircraft in trim after disconnection. Any suggestions?
  9. Please have a look at my log.txt in first post. Thanks.
  10. I installed Centos7 linux OS from scratch, Installed XP11.26. Stock aircraft and Carenado PC12 work nicely. After installation of the Hotstart TBM900, I cannot click any buttons on the screen, but keyboard commands work. I do not get the side menu. I can take off, using F2 for power, raise the gear using G. If I hover over the switches, I see an up or down-arrow, but nothing moves when clicking. No sound output (TBM only, rest is OK). I re-installed TBM several times, each time the previous version was uninstalled. Any hints? Log.txt is attached. Log.txt
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