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  1. Hello, I am in the processing of reinstalling both SMP and RWC after the updates. I installed SMP 4.7.2 then proceeded to attempt to install RWC 1.1. I am given an error stating: "There has been an error. SkyMaxx Pro v3.1.1 or greater is required and you do not have this installed! ......." I have confirmed I have SMP 4.7.2 installed and it's working in X-Plane.. Thoughts? Brett
  2. Brett Adams

    I had charts and now they are gone...

    Check the log. I've been having issues too and seeing errors like this in the TBM log: 2018-12-08 00:06:07 TBM900[chart_prov_common.c:182]: Error downloading chart index https://aeronav.faa.gov/d-tpp/-1/xml_data/d-TPP_Metafile.xml: HTTP error 404 2018-12-08 00:06:08 TBM900[odb.c:476]: Downloading new obstacle data from "http://aeronav.faa.gov/Obst_Data/DAILY_DOF_CSV.ZIP" for region "US" 2018-12-08 00:06:08 TBM900[odb.c:514]: Error updating obstacle database from http://aeronav.faa.gov/Obst_Data/DAILY_DOF_CSV.ZIP: Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) something clearly is amiss. Brett
  3. Brett Adams

    when Warthog meets TBM 900

    I accomplished this same task by utilizing flywithlua for those that don't want to use TARGET. Here's what I used: (snipped from my much larger lua script for the TBM) local mixture_axis = 25 -- Axis ID joystick_axis = dataref_table("sim/joystick/joystick_axis_values") -- Table of all Joystick AXIS values local axis = joystick_axis[25] function feather_control() if(joystick_axis[mixture_axis] ~= axis) then if (joystick_axis[mixture_axis] > axis and joystick_axis[mixture_axis] - axis > .25 or joystick_axis[mixture_axis] == 1) then command_once("sim/engines/mixture_down") axis = joystick_axis[mixture_axis] elseif (joystick_axis[mixture_axis] < axis and axis - joystick_axis[25] > .25 or joystick_axis[mixture_axis] == 0) then command_once("sim/engines/mixture_up") axis = joystick_axis[mixture_axis] end end end do_every_frame("feather_control()") You can adjust the sensitivity for your taste by just changing the .25 in the function to something else. Enjoy. Brett
  4. Brett Adams

    Nosewheel Steering?

    I'll give that a go as well. Thanks!
  5. Brett Adams

    Nosewheel Steering?

    Thanks for the help. I suppose I should have tried reducing controller sensitivity prior to posting. (sorry about that!) But it does appear to help. I just didn't realize I had to pull the yaw sensitivity back so far for my pedals and the TBM. Anyhow, just tested it again and it does appear to be way better. Still a little rough on takeoff, but I think that's just practice. Thanks for the quick response and the help!
  6. Brett Adams

    Nosewheel Steering?

    So, I'm having extreme issues controlling the aircraft on takeoff/landing. The *lightest* touch on the pedals and it careens one way or another. When looking external to the aircraft and pushing in a pedal (even while stopped on the ramp) I'm noticing that the front wheel of the aircraft IS turning as if I have nosewheel steering. I searched the forums before posting and it was clear this aircraft doesn't have nosewheel steering, so I'm assuming the front wheel steering in xplane = bad. This make it almost uncontrollable on landing since nosewheel is constantly on. Even if I hit the nosewheel steering toggle in xplane it remains on no matter what I do. *Picture attached of it fully deflected. Thoughts? I'm on the latest version. Brett