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  1. Duno, those white gloves probably have more to do with Japanese cultural customs than for the ground crew.
  2. Yea, it will do that Thought you meant on the ground after loading. How'd your double engine failure emergency procedures go then?
  3. You don't have to fully quit x-plane, there is a reload aircraft option in the XP menu bar, also a reboot button on the Saab side menu thing. Normally clears that problem when it pops up.
  4. N1K

    Auto pilot problems

    Wow that is odd behaviour. No idea how to fix that, but at least you know what it is now.
  5. N1K

    Auto pilot problems

    I have seen it a few times where it randomly drives the trim. Given you said you're setting the climb mode on the ground, I am wondering if its driving the trim when it shouldn't? Could be worth a check
  6. N1K

    Emergency light switch

    Ditto, sometimes it just wants to skip to on. Sporadic occurrences of it.
  7. N1K

    Saab 340, setting VS and heading

    Think it uses the default XP command for that one, VVI up and down.
  8. N1K

    Saab 340, setting VS and heading

    The knob in the center pedestal next to the autopilot controls has two functions. Outer ring is heading, duplicate of the actual HDG knob up with the course ones. In the middle on top of it is the pitch wheel, has a ridged appearance to it. That controls the VS setting. Only because you mentioned target altitude, you can't be maintaining a level with that level in the APA. Great trick in the circuit to forget to reset the APA, attempt to descend by pushing the VS wheel over and watch absolutely nothing happen
  9. Re-animate every switch Sounds like more than 1.5.2 is coming
  10. N1K

    Saab 340 Tutorial Video

    Ha ha.. thanks and understood.. Extremely loud EDM with clashing bass lines it is for the next video
  11. N1K

    Saab 340 Tutorial Video

    Been working on some shorter sequences instead of the initial marathon. Introduction to vertical profiles and visual circuit.
  12. N1K

    Limited bank angle

    I actually thought the sounds where pretty good. Would be curious for that statement to be expanded on, are we talking that FMOD surround sound stuff for external shots or are you suggesting the cockpit noises are missing something?
  13. N1K

    Limited bank angle

    -- Removed -- Evidently Carenado have done a terrible job of product description. Turns out the 'Carenado' Saab for X-Plane is not a 'Carenado' aircraft, its made by a company called Thranda who'm I've never heard of and therefore my comment on Carenado's Saab would be incorrect to imply towards this mysterious X-Plane other Saab that Eddie is referring too. Didn't realise Carenado sell two completely different versions of the same plane.
  14. N1K

    Limited bank angle

    It's not abandoned, I think there's a few hints on the forum that the next update is pretty substantial, hence the time. --Retraction, refer post down a few -- Carenado is waaaaaaaay worse, all about eye candy with no substance in that stable. Wouldn't hold your breath for updates to that saab either
  15. N1K

    A few questions regarding the Saab 340A...

    I use the saab in FSE, can that app read the load that's been applied or only send a load?