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  1. N1K

    Saab 340 Tutorial Video

    Been working on some shorter sequences instead of the initial marathon. Introduction to vertical profiles and visual circuit.
  2. N1K

    Limited bank angle

    I actually thought the sounds where pretty good. Would be curious for that statement to be expanded on, are we talking that FMOD surround sound stuff for external shots or are you suggesting the cockpit noises are missing something?
  3. N1K

    Limited bank angle

    -- Removed -- Evidently Carenado have done a terrible job of product description. Turns out the 'Carenado' Saab for X-Plane is not a 'Carenado' aircraft, its made by a company called Thranda who'm I've never heard of and therefore my comment on Carenado's Saab would be incorrect to imply towards this mysterious X-Plane other Saab that Eddie is referring too. Didn't realise Carenado sell two completely different versions of the same plane.
  4. N1K

    Limited bank angle

    It's not abandoned, I think there's a few hints on the forum that the next update is pretty substantial, hence the time. --Retraction, refer post down a few -- Carenado is waaaaaaaay worse, all about eye candy with no substance in that stable. Wouldn't hold your breath for updates to that saab either
  5. N1K

    A few questions regarding the Saab 340A...

    I use the saab in FSE, can that app read the load that's been applied or only send a load?
  6. N1K

    A few questions regarding the Saab 340A...

    1. Correct, but it's more to do with the rate of change by just hitting the off switch, rapid drop under the right conditions could cause a compressor stall (engine backfire). Theres also an element of error trapping, if its all the way down to 60% (I think that's lowest) you've clearly not set it. Removes the ambiguity of did I set that or is it where it was for takeoff, I can't remember.. Less of an issue on XP. 2. Yes, It is only shifting the problem up 1,000 ft. Crew still need to deal with it. The last rendition of the Saab it becomes a full on feather, but it has a completely different propellor unit to an A. 4. They are linked in XP for simplicity, If you are pushing down on the hydraulic tiller clickspot it's effectively using the tiller, but the rudders are the interface. Real aircraft if all you did was push down then use the rudder you'd end up in the dirt. Sorry, I probably could have worded the initial reply better. 5. Toe brakes, reverse is fairly effective unless its super short runway. 1200m / 4000 ft and greater reverse should be capable of doing the majority of the slowing work. It is capable of using toe brakes only from touchdown providing anti-skid is working, just causes more wear (which isn't simulated anyway). 6. I accept however FSE loads the thing, I don't think the CG actually shifts?
  7. N1K

    A few questions regarding the Saab 340A...

    Lets see how we go 1) Turning it off after takeoff, slowly rotate the setting knob anti-clockwise, then turn off the switch. 2) The auto-coarsen on the A model doesn't actually feather the propeller, just moves it to a minimum drag position. Theoretically if the condition that triggered the auto-coarsen event was to relieve itself, such as a momentary power interruption, the prop will go back to its set position. In order to feather it, the engine failure memory items need to be completed, i.e. power lever flight idle, condition lever fuel off. It's only designed to buy the crew time to deal with it at a safer height, a V1 cut where the prop stays at full fine (max rpm) is lethal if not dealt with immediately. 3) Yes, but safety departments would hunt you down. Always done with the control off a tug, but it is possible providing you don't touch the brakes, the inertia will cause a tail strike. 4) The tiller is connected to the nose wheel, the rudder pedals is connected to just the rudder. Below about 80 kts you won't have enough aerodynamic power from the rudder to turn. 5) You can use brakes, but typically not until reverse has brought the speed below 40kts. So much as breath on the brake pedal above 40 kts with anti-skid inoperative and saab suggests you will blow the main tyres. 6) Don't know, LES version doesn't have that info that I know of, never really looked for it. 7) Max on the ground, take-off and landing, 1230 RPM climb, cruise, descent. 8) Don't know where they are listed in LES stuff, but XP11 engine model was changed not long ago and v1.5.1 has the old XP engine data so half a chance you'll hit temperature limits anyway. Power circa 60-70% Trq / ITT below 850 on the climb/cruise seems to work, Descent, whatever is required to stop the overspeed buzzer annoying the crap out of you....
  8. N1K


    both hpa and in are on the FO side altimeter if you need a quick conversion.
  9. N1K

    Compatibility with CHProduct Yoke

    Is the nose wheel steering engaged?
  10. N1K

    How to open the door from inside ?

    How did you not get sucked into that prop
  11. N1K

    Error code

    Ok thanks. Was fine for ages then all of a sudden Appears I can make it happy by disabling the plugin, reload the saab then re enable the RXP. That'll do for now..
  12. N1K

    Error code

    Hi, I appreciate that this is a result of trying to use something other than the default XP GPS and I might not get an answer. Is any insight available on how to solve this error code? RXP GTN750 driving the GPS data, as soon as I touch the CRS bar in an attempt to align it with the DTK it freaks out. Only way to recover the scroll wheel manipulator is to reboot It appears the saab and the RXP gps very much have a love hate relationship..
  13. It would be possible, but being a crowded ramp with lots of people and things to hit, most likely not appreciated by safety departments. You can try better pushback, It definitely requires the nose wheel steering tiller to be pushed down to stop it completely freaking out, but even then it seems to like pushing you into odd placed.
  14. N1K

    Better Pushback, Gust Lock

    Just tried better pushback on the saab... Is the tug driver drunk
  15. Correct, but I don’t think vatsim controllers pay much attention to those codes. Would be via a tow bar. Start an engine and reset the gen, disconnect the gpu, pushback into position, then start the other. Just don’t use better pushback, it does not like the saab for some reason...