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    Engines Pulsate

    I can imagine the code is nuts, you did a fantastic job with her. Half assumed some of the nuance errors where sim limitations I’ll give it a go like that, thanks for taking the time to respond..
  2. N1K

    Engines Pulsate

    Hi, 1.5.1 really doesn't seem to like me.. Once the props are unfeathered it sits there revving around. Seems to only be in ground idle, rest of the range blooms, wobbles and then settles. https://youtu.be/f-UCgFI3a0A Is there anyway of getting v1.5 back? I don't like the way it handles in 1.5.1, stuck in half bank now and this model doesn't even have half bank selector. Tried the installer but it seems to just download the newer version from the server Log.txt GizmoLog.txt