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  1. It would be possible, but being a crowded ramp with lots of people and things to hit, most likely not appreciated by safety departments. You can try better pushback, It definitely requires the nose wheel steering tiller to be pushed down to stop it completely freaking out, but even then it seems to like pushing you into odd placed.
  2. N1K

    Better Pushback, Gust Lock

    Just tried better pushback on the saab... Is the tug driver drunk
  3. Correct, but I don’t think vatsim controllers pay much attention to those codes. Would be via a tow bar. Start an engine and reset the gen, disconnect the gpu, pushback into position, then start the other. Just don’t use better pushback, it does not like the saab for some reason...
  4. N1K

    Better Pushback, Gust Lock

    1 - There is a key binding for the gust lock release latch that needs to be set. LES/CMD/gust_lock_release Using that you can release the latch and then click and drag the gust lock on or off.
  5. N1K

    Saab 340 Tutorial Video

    Hi, Was watching some of Q8Pilot's video's on youtube, one of which featured the mighty Saab.. Gave me a bit of inspiration so gave tutorial video making a go. Have to admit, it's nothing flash, just a one clip take of start, takeoff and an ILS for beginners. Any comments or suggestions for other videos appreciated. Think I may have waffled on a bit, hope my voice isn't too annoying
  6. N1K

    How to use CTOT

    Keep in mind the ctot is only capable of upscaling fuel flow to whatever is set. If your power lever position is commanding 71% or more torque, you’ll get whatever you’re asking for. Its not an auto throttle or limiter in any form.
  7. N1K

    stumped with steering

    Sorry for the delayed reply. It's this one..
  8. N1K

    stumped with steering

    You can also assign a key to it, comes in handy for switching to tiller on rollout without looking down and veering off the runway
  9. N1K


    Yes, it can be.. If you go to the RXP forums > Xplane > GTN > Sticky thread along the lines of aircraft panel integrations, think the Saab is on page 2 from memory.
  10. N1K


    Answer to both.. There is a side menu on the right, hover the mouse on the right centre edge and it will pop up. Autostart is bottom icon from memory.
  11. Fairly accurate.. The feedback for the flap lever is the guy/girl next to you saying the word 'selected'
  12. N1K

    Plane banking to the left

    That far right But I could swear XP was not as much as Saab'y Mc Saabface..
  13. N1K

    Plane banking to the left

    Pretty much, straight as a dart?
  14. N1K

    Plane banking to the left

    yea, if you put the right base side of the triangle on the left edge of the third point in the W should stop the roll.
  15. N1K

    Plane banking to the left

    Right trim, but the position is just left of being dead centre above the W in yaw on the wrim indicator