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  1. cbreeze

    TBM-900 Condensed checklists

    Thank you!!!!!!
  2. cbreeze

    How to brake.

    Actually I don’t have rudder pedals nor do I use scripts. I simply mapped a button on my joystick and have had zero issues.
  3. cbreeze

    Info message re cabin temp

    It’s the best add on I’ve ever seen for a flight sim. Just bought the Aerobask DA 62 and though it’s a very nice airplane I am spoiled and still prefer the TBM for all it does.
  4. cbreeze

    Info message re cabin temp

    I haven’t had this come up in quite some time now.
  5. cbreeze

    A really, really good video on TBM900 startup

    Thank you for posting.
  6. cbreeze

    great airplane except ground handling

    Thank you for the great update!!!!!!
  7. cbreeze


    Thank you both. XPlane updated along with the TBM. Works great!!!!!
  8. cbreeze


    Ok, been holding off updating my TBM due to all the issues I’ve read here. I’m still on a very early version and have not had any issues to speak of. I now think it’s time however I’m confused on the correct method. I’ve read you have to do that before you start XPlane. The two previous times I updated I did it by starting XPlane then clicking on the TBM update available box you get after XPlane is running. I understand I will have to update XPlane too and also ready to take that step too. Can someone tell what is the correct method? Thanks in advance.
  9. cbreeze

    Other version of Ground Steering possible? [Answered]

    Actually I’m using the Thrust Master T16000M joystick. This is probably the best joystick I’ve ever owned and I have been simmimg for many years. I have no problems you just have to tweak the settings.
  10. cbreeze

    Gear stuck on landing, what should I have done?

    Unfortunately I’ve been through several airframes for various reasons. The experience I related in my previous post was the first malfunction I had with any of the airframes.
  11. cbreeze

    Gear stuck on landing, what should I have done?

    Climb to a safe altitude and extend the gear manually making sure the gear lever is in the down position. The procedure is in the manual. Will take quite a few pumps of the extension handle in the floor. Recently happened to me and that’s how I got my gear down and landed safely.
  12. cbreeze

    Info message re cabin temp

    I’ve gotten this message on occasion myself. It displays at the top of the screen and not anywhere in the aircraft. When it has displayed I simply checked to make sure everything is right with my ECS and then turned on and adjusted the heat or air conditioned and the error message went away. I’ve gotten it on the ground and in the air. Anyway, that’s been my experience. cbreeze
  13. cbreeze

    Goran-M : Development Support Man of the Year

    Couldn’t agree more.
  14. cbreeze

    Awesome TBM

    Perhaps Hot Start will surprise us with a TBM like twin
  15. cbreeze

    Awesome TBM

    Greetings, just wanted to add something good about the TBM. I am still running an early version with XPlane 11.30 and have had zero issues. I just purchased ASXP and using the default cloud textures. Haven’t experienced icing yet or any real failures. Had some nasty weather in my area yesterday so I took a IFR flight and went looking for trouble. Flew from KMDW to KGRB. Got in the clouds and about half way to GRB I started picking up occasional icing. It was really neat to see it form on the airframe and then watch the boots remove it. The icing was sporadic as it is in real life. As I was executing the GPS approach down to minimums I lowered the landing gear and had a malfunction. I really didn’t expect that. Executed a missed approach and once at a safe altitude got the gear down and locked with the manual gear extension lever. Did the approach again and landed safely. I was totally blown away by how impressive this aircraft is and how well ASXP worked with the default clouds. I have a commercial, multi-engine and instrument ratings. That experience was pretty realistic. Even though it’s a sim I try and fly as I would in real life. The approach in itself was a challenge and the unexpected gear failure at a bad moment increased the pressure and started to get overwhelmed. Did what I would do if it was actual and it worked out. just wanted to post something really positive about the TBM and thank the devopers for creating such an amazing aircraft. When it works it really works. I really have no desire to fly anything else. cbreeze