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  1. cbreeze

    Fuel Quantity Left Tank on Start Up

    Glad to be of assistance. Bit of a learning curve with this aircraft especially with the G1000 but it’s an amazing aircraft and absolutely joy to fly once you get the hang of it. cbreeze
  2. cbreeze

    Fuel Quantity Left Tank on Start Up

    First thing that comes to mind might be a leak. Go into the maintenance manager and see if there are any issues that need repairing. Hope this helps, cbreeze
  3. cbreeze

    Sensible pedals

    Thank you, that’s what I thought.
  4. cbreeze

    Sensible pedals

    Ok, I have been struggling with the same issue and things have gotten a lot better for me on take off. Did a lot of reading on this topic and one technique that helped a lot was before you begin your takeoff roll, apply the brakes. increase torque to about 50% and 2000 RPM, release the brakes and begin your take off roll, rotate at about 90 and then climb out. rudder trim should be just a little right of center but you can experiment with different settings. One thing I noticed today when I watched a video on YouTube was the application of power. Normally in an aircraft its full power at take off and that what I have been doing. The video I saw today depicted a very smooth takeoff roll but I noticed that the pilot used the technique mentioned above. Before the take off roll, brakes and application of power to about 50% and 2000 RPM, release the brakes and begin the roll. Rotate at about 90 and climb out. The thing that threw me was the power was kept at 50% until the climb was established. Now this threw me because I have a PPL and goes against everything I was taught. I admit that I have never flow a turboprop and don't know how realistic this is but the takeoff and climb out were very smooth. I have to ask, with the TBM it's full power on take off, right? I would prefer to fly the sim TBM as it would be flown in real life. I'm having so much fun with this airplane. I learn something new on every flight. It does have a rather steep learning curve though. Not one that you can just load and fly very easily. Been into flight sims my whole life and this is hands down the best add on aircraft I have ever purchased for a flight sim. Fantastic product!!!!!!!
  5. cbreeze

    Easier tunning HDG and CRS

    There are too companies making a DA 62/64 add on for Xplane and P3d. I recently saw a video from one company where they incorporate a touch scree control to the G1000 expected to be released in a future update to their product. Looked interesting.
  6. cbreeze

    Easier tunning HDG and CRS

    And me to the list of TBM 900 lovers with the same complaint.
  7. cbreeze

    "how to use VNAV" training resources

    Greetings, just struggled with this myself. Had to refer to a variety of resources. The Ringler video was one that helped. Key is to enter the VNAV values you want. You must hit the VNAV button on the autopilot and select a lower altitude within 5 minutes before you reach the TOD point on your GPS course line. I read that a minute before is best. After engaging VNAV and dialing in a lower altitude, deselect the altitude button and watch your display. When the aircraft symbol reaches the TOD (top of descent) symbol, represented by a small circle on your course line, the aircraft should descend until it reaches the BOD (bottom of descent) symbol (another small circle) on the course line and at that point you will level off at whatever altitude value you set in the VNAV profile. It’s pretty cool feature once you understand how to use it. It took me awhile. If you need more help don’t be afraid to reach out.
  8. cbreeze


    I’ve been reading this thread with interest. With my system, Xplane updated to 11.30 but I did not do the last TBM update. Everything works great. I’ve had maybe 1 CTD the entire time I’ve flown this aircraft which has been a month or two now. The recent reported issues with the last TBM update is the reason I don’t do updates right a way. I usually wait until the bugs shake out. I know all the CTD’s are frustrating because we all really want to fly this great aircraft and I’m sure an answer will be found. I was wondering if there is a way to change the TBM update to a previous version that is more stable? Hang in there guys, it is an amazing aircraft.
  9. cbreeze

    Is it possible to replace the cabin pressure vessel?

    I had this issue myself when I first started flying the airplane. At that time I made a number of flights without putting the destination field elevation in the G1000. Learned how to do that and the issue went away. However, just recently tried to backwards taxi the aircraft using reverse thrust and this resulted in a tail strike with the ground. An airframe check with the maintenance manager revealed a broken pressure vessel. Only available solution was to delete the airframe. Hope this helps.
  10. cbreeze

    I LOVE This Airplane!!!

    I have to agree with you. Best add on aircraft of its type, ever. Well worth every penny spent on the purchase price. I have no desire to fly anything else.
  11. cbreeze

    At my wits end with TBM900

    Goran_M, Did you think to take a picture? I would love to have seen that myself. I’m a PP with commercial, instrument, multi-engine and seaplane ratings. I would think that with the CG so far back, it would have been unsafe to fly.
  12. cbreeze

    New project

    Gotta say that the IMO the TBM is the best single engine, business class, add on aircraft ever developed for a flight sim. Worth every penny of the purchase price. It’s gong to be hard to top it. I am anxious to see what Hot Start comes up with.
  13. cbreeze

    ILS Capture

    Greaser, I’m having trouble getting the autopilot to capture the glide slope in an ILS approach. I noticed your post. Did you ever resolve your problem? If you did could you please share the solution? In my situation it captures the localizer but not the GS. Thank you, cbreeze
  14. cbreeze

    great airplane except ground handling

    I have to post my two cents. Amazing aircraft but during the takeoff roll and landing roll another story. I have tried the different suggestions posted on this forum but still not able to find a satisfactory fix. Surly something can be done.
  15. cbreeze

    Pilot view question

    Please disregard this post. I figured it out. I'm a recent convert from FSX and P3D so I have to spend more time learning this sim.