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  1. citronboll

    Graphics glitching on aircraft reload/airframe load

    Loading a default aircraft (Cessna 172 with G1000) and then loading the TBM does NOT cause the issue to happen. Then loading the same Cessna 172 again, followed by loading the TBM a second time does not cause the issue either. Reloading the plane from the developer menu worked this time both with and without art reload (has caused issues in the past, not sure of the exact circumstances). Then trying to change the airframe of the TBM caused the glitch to instantly happen. If I can do anything else to help, please let me know.
  2. I have had an issue for a while (I think since X-Plane 11.34) where the TBM will glitch out and require a force quit of X-Plane after trying to load a different airframe, reloading the plane, or changing the rain and ice setting. After restarting X-Plane I usually have different registrations on the outside of the plane from the panel, and can't obviously reload because the same thing will happen again. Is anyone else having these issues? I tried removing all my plugins, but that made no difference. I also reinstalled the TBM from the latest installer. iMac 27" 2017, i7 4.2 GHz, 40GB RAM, Radeon Pro 580 (8GB VRAM), macOS 10.14.5. X-Plane version: 11.34r1 (build 113400 64-bit), log files attached See these two videos for examples: Loading a different airframe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LUi42SK9lM Changing the rain and ice setting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99wuMryb3ZM Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  3. citronboll

    Graphics glitch in 1.1.6, windows and outside view shaking

    I have as of yet been unable to reproduce the issue even before trying the beta build. It's not clear to me when it happens, but I have had it happen three times during flight, and no time during me trying to reproduce it. It seems to be a bit random as to when it will happen. Flying through heavy precipitation and then out in the clear has had it happen before, but I can't reproduce it by replicating those conditions now. I will keep trying. I did however run into another fun issue, that may or may not be related to this. Look at the windows in the clip on the ground. I got this at about the same point where I would get the shaking effect before. Since both are related to the windows I figure it could be related somehow, but I'm not sure. It's kinda like getting two planes for the price of one!
  4. citronboll

    Graphics glitch in 1.1.6, windows and outside view shaking

    @skiselkov I'm going to try the beta build later tonight. I want to make sure I can find a quick solid way to replicate the issue first so I can give a definitive answer. I'm going to try and get the issue several times before installing the beta build, and then trying to recreate the issue with the beta.
  5. citronboll

    Graphics glitch in 1.1.6, windows and outside view shaking

    So it's probably a bug related to the 560 and 580 then. It never happened before 1.1.6, so there must have been some change that triggered this behaviour. Unfortunately it makes the plane almost unflyable, because the shaking is giving me headaches and eye-strain. I guess I could try turning off the weather effects, but that's no fun. Is there anything I can do to help find the cause of the issue?
  6. citronboll

    Graphics glitch in 1.1.6, windows and outside view shaking

    I don't have any hardware issues with anything else than the TBM so it seems unlikely that it would be the case. Especially since it worked flawlessly before I updated to 1.1.6, and immediately started having issues after the update. Could it be a bug limited to Mac?
  7. citronboll

    Graphics glitch in 1.1.6, windows and outside view shaking

    Good, I'm not the only one! Or maybe not good because then there is a confirmed issue somewhere...
  8. citronboll

    Graphics glitch in 1.1.6, windows and outside view shaking

    It happened again today. After a flight from Denver to Aspen, with a lot of time spent in IMC conditions, the windows started to jump around. What this flight had in common with the first time it happened was that it was about the same flight time, and both were flown inside of clouds to a large extent. It would seem that weather and possibly rain effects are messing something up, but there's not enough data to support that theory. GPU was still at a nice 80°C, so no overheating issues. I'm going to do some more flights in IMC conditions over the coming days and see if I can find a way to replicate this, and if I do, I will try with all plugins disabled to see if it's something on my end that is causing issues.
  9. citronboll

    Heading/track up in FPL view?

    Hello my fellow TBM900 sim pilots! I like to fly with my flight plan up, but when I do the map is stuck in north up. I have seen the real G1000 have heading (or track?) up in this view. Is there something I'm missing, or is it not implemented? I have set the regular map to heading or track up (can't remember which one is available) but it isn't reflected in flight plan view.
  10. citronboll

    Graphics glitch in 1.1.6, windows and outside view shaking

    I have not been able to reproduce the issue. It may have been a one time thing, or it may be one of those rare things that happen as the stars line up in a particular way while launching the sim at exactly 23:06:23 CET. Who knows. The GPU temps were fine. 80°C is the most I've seen why flying, and it never happened until I installed 1.1.6, and then it happened on the first flight. I'll fly some more and see if it happens again.
  11. So, I have a graphics glitch with 1.1.6. Everything visible through the windows are shaking, and form an outside view the actual windows are shaking. I didn't find a thread about this, so I'm not sure if any other users have this issue. I'm not sure what else to write, I think it's just easier showing with a video. The framerate went quite low during screen recording, but the issue was there even at higher framerates. Operating system: macOS Mojave 10.14.3 X-Plane version: 11.32r2 (Log.txt attached to this post) TMB900 version: 1.1.6 Unlisted youtube video showing the issue: Log.txt
  12. citronboll

    TBM900 and XPRealistic CTD

    I wasn't using the sound effects anyways. I think the TBM900 sounds great as it is. I think this is going to be a good option for me
  13. citronboll

    TBM900 and XPRealistic CTD

    I don't think contacting the developer is going to do much good. They haven't updated it since 2017. I verified it was XPRealistic because when I disabled it everything worked. Thank you for the tip of Simcoders headshake plugin! I just completed an hour long flight using it, and no issues. I don't like it as much as XPRealistic, but I haven't optimized the settings for to my liking yet so that may change. Thanks!
  14. citronboll

    TBM900 and XPRealistic CTD

    Hello! All of a sudden I get CTDs when XPRealistic is enabled for the TBM900 and I try to to into maintenance manager and look at the landing gear. This worked just a week ago, but now I get CTD after CTD. Is this a known issue, and is there anything that can be done about it? I really don't like flying without XPRealistic.
  15. citronboll

    TBM 900 v1.1.3 Update Released!

    I don't know if this is a known issue, but I get an update available notification when loading the 1.1.3 version in X-Plane 11.26 and 11.30r1. Just though I would let you know. Edit, discovered a bug: The cabin pressure dump button can be clicked without opening the lid first. That can be exciting if clicked by mistake... confirmed with 1.1.3, X-Plane 11.30r1, macOS 10.14.2