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    Multimonitor setup error

    The fix, version 1.1.1 says Fixed multi-monitor issues with sidebar drawer positioning and screen flicker So, could someone respectfully tell me what "sidebar drawer positioning" means? Also, is the fix meant to solve all the issues related to multi-monitor problems? As luck would have it I'm away from home and won't be able to test the fix until the weekend.
  2. TT873

    Green G1000 with 2 monitors

    Great news! Really glad to hear that the cause of the problem is known, as I haven't had a chance to fly the plane yet because of the screen issues, and I'm starting to get a little impatient to try it out. I really like what I've read about it! Hope the fix will solve all the weird effects I'm having such as the flickering, green color displays etc. like others have been describing. Running X-plane in windowed mode is not an option for me either.
  3. TT873

    Multimonitor setup error

    Yes, multiple monitors not working for me either. Hope there will be a fix soon!