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    Trim not working

    Thank you danhenri. I already set a button for reverse. I may also set a button for rich and lean.
  2. Loek

    Trim not working

    Thank you Eseem. And after some rethinking you are right. I now recall that during the initial hours of familiarization with the aircraft I was figuring out how the throttle system operated. For that I shifted my field of view fully inside the airplane with the throttle in focus; no outside references. I tried to move the throttle and tried to get the throttle into the reverse mode. Somewhere subconscious I detected something was happening, but I did not realize I must have planted the airplane on the tail. What does not help me is that another plane I am flying (the Epic1000; same characteristics but also very different), requires forward motion of the throttle for applying reverse thrust. Well, after the costly repairs, I now hope I do not brake anything else and make my first flight.
  3. Loek

    Trim not working

    Thank you! You were fully right. Not only the trim, but all elevator functions were broken. I do not see a reason why. And by the way also my cabin pressure vessel is worn. Replacement seems to be impossible but a repair took USD 60,000 while the condition is still 'worn'. Then the tail navigation light is broken; USD 950. My plane is only 1 day old and did not fly one minute. This aircraft behaves like a spoiled child: very touchy and rather demanding. Up till now it was no fun owning this machine. It looks like the developers did not make the airplane robust enough. Let's see whether I can get this bird to flying. Thanks again.
  4. Loek

    Trim not working

    I have the same issue and the electric trim button is ON. The electric trim is not working on both my own sim yoke and on the yoke of the TBM 900 in the airplane. The manual trim wheel is working. I really would like to know what my next step should be. Thanks!