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  1. tcaf

    Link expires

    Hi all, i have purchase n 18 May 2011 REXPLANE and CRJ200. Now, after formatting of my pc, i'd like reinstall this software but the link not workss I view: Link expires: Friday 20 May, 2011 1 downloads remaining What can I do? I have no saved copy the software: ( I have already send a mail with form at X-pilot but i not have response Thank's
  2. tcaf

    Artistic videos of the CRJ by users

    This is a promotional video for our virtual airlines ;D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRrYVl8oA9E
  3. tcaf

    [SOLVED] fmc off

    ok, problem solved, thank you for immediate assistance
  4. tcaf

    [SOLVED] fmc off

    ok thank's
  5. tcaf

    [SOLVED] fmc off

    I have launched the update to 1.1. Now, my fmc is completely off my system is windows 7-64 bit and i have in the directory resource Gizmo.plugin and vascore, but into the menù di xplane i not hane nothing plugin help me please :'(
  6. tcaf

    Artistic videos of the CRJ by users

    thank's for next video
  7. I made ​​an excel file (version 2010) to avoid calculation errors ;D PS This is the first version Calcolo_Trim.zip
  8. tcaf

    Artistic videos of the CRJ by users

    first step with crj 200. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0K6w_LcgJU thanks a lot for developers of this best aircraft PS I have a problem with video :'( (note from Japo: fixed)