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  1. rickw844

    Altitude hold issue on autopilot

    Thank you for this info. I did try this and, after a bit of manual trimming, the plane did maintain the altitude even when executing multiple turns. I'm used to having any trim movement disengage the autopilot - probably a hold over from flying the airliners too much. Note to self, If all else fails, RTFM!
  2. rickw844

    Altitude hold issue on autopilot

    Hello - attached is a screen shot of the plane attempting to hold altitude, but constantly climbing. The top trim light stays on even though I have centered the trim wheel. Thanks,
  3. I just updated to 1.1.0a and am having a problem holding my altitude after engaging the autopilot. The airplane continues to climb up and down, but never will hold the altitude I am initially at when selecting altitude hold on the autopilot. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. rickw844

    Unable to load new TBM version 1.1.4c

    My bad. I didn't see the license activation window behind X Plane. All is good now after I activated the license . Sorry about this. Thanks as always for a great airplane!
  5. Hello - I am unable to complete the X Plane 11 11.31 load after the latest TBM update to 1.1.4c. Attached is the log and screen capture. I select start a new flight and X Plane halts with the error shown in the screen capture. Thanks! Log.txt
  6. Updated my GPU drivers and that solved the problem. Thanks Goran for the sage advice!
  7. Thank you Goran. I will update my GPU drivers based on what you found.
  8. Hello, I just updated to X Plane 11.30r3 (public release) and TBM900 v 1.1.4b. I am still displaying those white rays while in clouds and weather (see screen shots and attached X Plane log file) as has been occurring ever since the initial release. Can you please offer a solution to this annoying problem? This only happen in external views while flying in heavy weather. Thank you. Log.txt
  9. rickw844

    Strange Bug!

    Goran_M - I neglected to say I am running X Plane 11.26 as well - I don't have the courage to Beta test. I posted my initial problem here on October 31. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. rickw844

    Strange Bug!

    I've posted this twice - once here and once with Hotstart directly, never heard from Hotstart. I thought I was the only one! Only happens in clouds and precip on the exterior views.
  11. I've tried to resume a saved situation flight right after quitting X Plane ( I answered "Yes" to the flight continuation message panel). All systems are restored to the previous panel state except that the engine is shut down and I have to do an in flight restart. I was under the impression that ALL switches and states would be saved when quitting X plane and then be able to resume the flight upon loading the appropriate saved situation. Is this not the case?
  12. Hello - I'm on V1.08 and just received an "Aircraft not activated" message on both PFD's. I've attached my log file. I did do a lot of repairs to the plane before this message appeared. Thanks Log.txt
  13. rickw844

    Strange "rays" when flying in clouds

    Thanks, the rain and ice effects were causing the problem even after going back one notch to only HDR. This only happens on exterior views by the way. Is this a bug that needs to be reported? Cheers!
  14. Every time I am flying in or right below clouds, I see the "rays" coming off of the propeller spinner (see attached image). Is there some configuration I need to change to eliminate these "rays". Thanks!