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    Smartcopilot for TBM 900

    Thank you. I have tested it. And I got the same problem. We look into it.
  2. docpan

    Smartcopilot for TBM 900

    Thank you. Can you describe what happens in a little bit more details. We will look into it...
  3. docpan

    Smartcopilot for TBM 900

    @birdy.dma We have had prolems with the wear and tear during disconnect and reconnect. Sometimes when the slave plane get in right position after reconnect it becomes high acceleration. During this the wear and tear did his job and slave plane was broken after it. So we thought about to disable wear and tear for SCP... But you may a different idea....
  4. docpan

    Smartcopilot for TBM 900

    Correct. And you are welcome. Cheers, docpan
  5. docpan

    Smartcopilot for TBM 900

    @IronCondor The TBM900 folder in your output dierctory stores your saved airframes. The reason why you should save or rename this is to save your created airframes. When you just replace the TBM900 folder all your saved airframes are lost. So first rename or backup your OWN TBM900 folder from Xplane11/output, than put the TBM900 folder from our file (from the downloaded zip file) in xplane11/output. When you have done it, you will have a cold & dark plane. Which you need for Smartcopilot. The TBM900 we have created for this is just a standard TBM900 folder which we catched from fresh vanilla installed plane. When you want to fly your own airframes again, just restore your own TBM900 folder (TBM900_my) to xplane11/output... Again, when we got an implemented Cold&Dark option, all this will be history.
  6. docpan


    I have the same error: 2018-10-29 21:04:40 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000 several times...
  7. docpan

    Smartcopilot for TBM 900

    Thank you Claude . We did this as a team (teh_sparten and mechia). It was not only my work. And this is version 1. There will be always space for improvements. totorikto and i talked about the payload already. Datarefs for the payload will come... Cheers, docpan
  8. Hello community, we have created a SCP config file for the hot Hotstart TBM900! And we are happy to share it with you today. Please keep in mind that this Version 1 and the plane is still in ongoing development. This version was tested with Version 1.08 * Special thanks to totoritko for his help * mechia teh_spartan docpan The smartcopilot config garage Download : https://sky4crew.com/download/hotstart-tbm900-1-08-version-1-0/ ### IMPORTANT ### #--------- NOTES: --------- # # Please Review The presync Checklist. # Due to limitations of the G1000, it is important to follow this checklist. because of these limitations # # #------ Xsquwak USERS: -------- # # Because of the lack of observer mode # The transponder fuses (1&2) are not synced. # and the pilot with the Observer Call-sign # should Pull these fuses to turn off their. # transponder # ### Version 1 : Initial Version #### Install #### 1. Put the smartcopilot file into the main Folder of the Hotstart TBM 900 2. Rename your TBM900 Folder in Xplane 11/Output to TBM900_my (or what ever you like) to keep your airframes 3. Put the TBM900 folder from this file in Xplane 11/Output 3. Load Xplane 4. Load the Hotstart TBM900 5. Do the ckecklist in this file (for this plane it more essential then ever to have the same status at the beginning) 6. Do the Payload stuff before connect individual (because these stuff are not synct at the moment) 7. connect via smartcopilot Have fun Until we dont have the option for cold and dark, these steps are important to get and same status at the beginning of the sharing flight. Later when have the option this becomes more esay