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  1. sgabriel

    SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    I'm sad—or happy—to say that doesn't seem to be it. It's a brand new computer with a current-production video card (AMD Radeon R9 M380, 2GB). Not a monster card, but runs XP-11 marvellously...except for this issue with SMP4. Weird.
  2. sgabriel

    SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    Hi mfd529, Yes, I know what you're talking about. My computer (which is brand new as of three days ago), however, behaves fine in all other situations, running X-Plane 11 or not. Only when SMP4 is active does it occur. Furthermore, it occurs only outside the aircraft! That is to say: when viewed from the cockpit the cockpit textures are normal; only the "world" outside displays the effect pictured. It goes away when I deactivate the SMP4 plugin; it returns when I re-activate it. Puzzling.
  3. sgabriel

    SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    Can you elaborate?!
  4. sgabriel

    SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    I've got some crazy stuff happening with SMP4 on my iMac with X-Plane 11 b3.. Seems to happen only sometimes. Anyone else seeing this?
  5. sgabriel

    SkyMaxx Pro Version 3.0 Announcement!

    This promises the possibility of real, non-transparent overcast in X-Plane for the first time since XP8 (as I recall). This, alone, is worth the price of upgrading quite apart from the stunning artistic work. Looking forward to it.
  6. sgabriel

    X-Plane 10 scenery Q & A

    Hmmm. I'd been hoping I could tinker with it as easily as with runway and taxiway lighting. I've been fooling around with the lights.txt file to adjust the relative brightness of airport lights for better realism (in my opinion, at least). For example, the default overwhelming brightness of blue taxiway lights versus runway edge lights is just silly! The red and white lights on the default windsock are at least as bright and as visible as the airport beacon, also silly!
  7. sgabriel

    X-Plane 10 scenery Q & A

    HI everyone, Can someone tell me which of the parameters in the lites.txt file affects the windsock red and white lights?
  8. sgabriel

    YouTube BBCode Tag.

    I doubt I'd end up with anything like that! Excellent movie, and excellent landing!
  9. Hi y'all, For those of you who are bothered, as I was, by the balance of airport lighting in v9, here is an alternative. I've been using this file for a long time and am pleased with the results. This is simply an edited lights.txt file that adjusts the relative brightnesses of taxiway lights, runway edge lights, centreline lights and the airport beacon. No longer shall taxiway lights be the brightest thing in the X-Plane world! (I exaggerate, but together with the next-to-invisible moon that casts no light at night, those blinding taxiway lights used to bug me quite a lot. Haven't found a way to fix the moon, alas.) The file goes here: Resources/bitmaps/world/lites/lights.txt * Happy flying. * As always, please back up and keep the original file rather than simply replacing it with the modified one. lights.txt
  10. sgabriel


    I have reloaded the latest Duchess update and can confirm the following: 1. The CG adjustment goes to around 1200 inches is both directions. (Just for fun, I loaded it to max aft CG to see what would happen... X-Plane hard-crashed with a screaming sound until I force quit it.) 2. The control labeled "Instrument Flood" controls the post lights and instrument back-lighting. 3. The control labeled "Post Lights" controls the flood light. 4. Flight controls take 1.5 seconds to displace fully, which I find very unnatural and sluggish. A final comment/question: I regularly see over 2000 ft/min in climb at max gross on a standard day. Does the real Duchess climb this well?! Thanks for your continued support of this excellent product.
  11. sgabriel


    CaptainG37: By "coarse" I mean that the CG setting in Aircraft/Weight and Fuel goes into the thousands of inches in either direction, and even moving it the slightest bit, it will jump by 5 or 10. The normal range of CG adjustment lives in about the innermost 2% or 3% of the slider, I would guess. I'll try reinstalling to see if this re-reverses the lighting knob assignment. (I'm on a Mac, 24" with the latest system update, 3.06 GHz dual core, 4 GB RAM, 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GS.)
  12. sgabriel


    The centre of gravity adjustment is very coarse!(!) Could the text labels on the autopilot control be clearer? They seem to be fuzzier than the other panel labels.
  13. sgabriel


    Seems to me that the instrument and overhead light functions knobs are reversed.
  14. sgabriel

    Beechcraft Duchess 1.1 Update Released!

    Roger. What does the Up-Down rocker switch do?
  15. sgabriel

    Duchess framerates

    P.S. Affirmative: I have texture compression turned off, because it looks like crap!