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    [SOLVED] Force Feedback Yoke problem

    YES! This is all I need. I will change the code, and report back my result. You are amazing. THANK YOU!!!
  2. Mark Hsu

    [SOLVED] Force Feedback Yoke problem

    Hi Jovabra, In order to let my DIY force feedback yoke work properly, I have to disable X-Plane trim effect in Plane Maker. So the trim dose not effect elevator position, it only change the neutral position of my yoke. That means, if I hold the yoke position, and trim. The pitch will not change directly, but the force in my hand will change. Like skiselkov said, TBM 900 uses a completely custom trim implementation. I can not disable it in plane maker. That is my current problem.
  3. Mark Hsu

    [SOLVED] Force Feedback Yoke problem

    I definitely need you help. Please make the neutral trim point and aerodynamic loading dataref. THANKS A LOT! 從我的iPad使用Tapatalk 發送
  4. Hi, I build a DIY force feedback yoke, which can change it's neutral position to simulate realistic hardware trim behavior. I use the same method like Brunner CLS yoke do, to disable X-Plane software trim effect. It works great for every default X-Plane aircraft, and many other payware aircraft. https://cls2sim.brunner-innovation.swiss/TrimFunctionality.htm But, this method dose not work for TBM 900. Is it possible to disable the trim effect?