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  1. oldflyguy

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.9.0 Update Released!

    I want to thank you folks for the latest update. SMP and RWC work just fine with XP11b1. And the nagging altitude issue has been solved as well. Nice work!
  2. oldflyguy

    G1000 Double Routing?

    @MarkDO, you aren't doing anything wrong. That's just the way this G1000 model works - don't know if that's a correct model or not. I usually use "vectors to approach" to better simulate the real world (you may want to try this) but just activate the approach when you reach the last waypoint of the STAR - no need to do it prior to that.
  3. oldflyguy

    Flight Model / Engine Changes

    Thanks Goran. I will explore this. I normally don't use any stability augmentation but now realize that on this fresh new install XP does set that. I adjusted all my graphics settings upon booting up the new install but forgot this. I don't think this is the issue however. I will look into trim assignments but I think the only ones are on the joystick hat switch...
  4. oldflyguy

    Flight Model / Engine Changes

    Hi Goran! If you mean did I disconnect the joystick and pedals, then yes I did. Still the same...
  5. oldflyguy

    Flight Model / Engine Changes

    So, I took the time to download a copy of XP (my 3rd) and installed the TBM. The same issue exists on this fresh copy with the TBM as the only 3rd party product installed. Seems to be an issue with the product, not XP, plug-in's or add-on's. I've attached the logs - didn't fly anywhere, just fired it up... TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  6. oldflyguy

    Flight Model / Engine Changes

    Hi Goran! I removed all plug-in's and from both installs, deleted the current TBM's from both and re-installed. I also deleted all 3rd party scenery from my beta install (I don't believe the scenery files would interfere but did this anyway). I also re-calibrated the Gladiator joystick (again and again). The issue still exists. Everything works except that to achieve "0" trim the elevator trim indicator on the MFD needs to be above the green neutral mark by about the width of the indicator arrow. By the way, when booted up without the joystick connected the same condition exists. Here's the latest log - I didn't see anything. It would be interesting to know the conditions of those other users with the same issue... Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  7. oldflyguy

    Flight Model / Engine Changes

    Hi Goran! I've tried the TBM in both of my XP installs - stable and beta. Plug-in's removed and not. Checked the Data outputs on control surfaces and trim settings. With trim settings in the T/O (green) area the elevator trim tabs display significant "up" position (forcing the elevator up). The data display shows significant elevator "up" trim in this position. When adjusted so the data shows "0" trim the "visual" elevator trim tabs agree and are in the "neutral" position but the MFD displays significant "down" elevator trim. I have the TBM in both installs as mentioned. I've attached the logs from my "stable install". At least I know it's not me...LOL! Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  8. oldflyguy

    Flight Model / Engine Changes

    Hello! I've been flying the TBM since it's release - absolutely my favorite! I have noticed in the latest version that on take off with trims centered I must add significant forward pressure on the yoke along with "down" trim to get the aircraft to climb at the 10 degree mark. Never noticed this in past versions. I know in the RW I need to roll in a bit of down trim on climb out in my old C182Q (almost the same...LOL) but this seems very excessive. I used both the standard and the experimental flight model but didn't experience any real difference. This is with take off power set at near 100% as recommended in the POH. This effect can be moderated to an extent simply by reducing the take off power but that's probably not a real world solution. Has anyone else noticed this?
  9. oldflyguy

    Question - VNAV on departure

    Pretty much that way in the RW as well. Hard to predict when ATC will clear you to a new altitude and what that altitude will be. You may get a heading change thrown in for good measure...LOL!
  10. oldflyguy

    Longitudenal Bobbing - M20 Collection

    Thanks Coop! Looking forward to the new "stuff" as well...
  11. oldflyguy

    TBM constantly banking

    @razghost, I don't understand your phrase "on it's own". Are you using auto pilot as you climb out? If so are you in "HDG" or "Roll" mode? The TBM is such fun to fly I will hand fly it on climb out and I must use right rudder to counter the "left turn" from that huge prop. Don't forget to engage the Yaw Damper as soon as raise your flaps. For what it's worth my old C182Q would want to "go left" on the climb out as well - even with slightly less horse power than the TBM...
  12. Hi Coop! Did a bit of detective work recently. I think I can confirm that this "bobbing" effect is connected to using AP (doesn't matter if it's the G1000 or the 530/430 stack. What happens with all the models is when at altitude and configured so the IAS is at about 170kts or above if the AP is selected this "bobbing" effect occurs. If the AP is left on and MP is reduced at about 160kts or less the "bobbing" will cease or be reduced to the point where I can't detect it easily. If the models are hand flown this effect does not occur at any speed. You may be aware of all this already, I just wanted to confirm what you may already know.
  13. oldflyguy

    TBM900 crashed X-Plane11.4r1 on iMac27

    Hi @ilankrt! There are two reasons. One has nothing to do with whether it's a Radeon or Nvidia - it's the 4GB RAM. The TBM is a demanding model RAM wise and combined with 3rd party scenery it's possible that could be an issue. I don't know anything about your XP install and add-on's I'm just mentioning it a a possible issue. The second reason is that Radeon drivers just don't do OpenGL that well - a known issue with XP. And yes, you should see an improvement with Vulcan. I have Intel / Nvidia right now and when the feedback begins to come in on Vulcan I may switch to AMD / Radeon for my new build sometime this year. One other thought (I"m not a Mac person) - iMac screens use pretty high resolutions, correct? I don't know the particulars but that's a really big factor for you as well. Can you lower the resolution on a Mac?
  14. oldflyguy

    Ovation III engine sounds when cold and dark...

    Enjoying the M20 Collection! Thanks for your support!
  15. oldflyguy

    TBM900 crashed X-Plane11.4r1 on iMac27

    That's the AOA indicator. Wow, I'm thinking that should have zero impact on FPS. However you are using a 4GB Radeon and that probably is a big contributing factor...