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  1. oldflyguy

    Longitudenal Bobbing - M20 Collection

    Thanks Coop! Looking forward to the new "stuff" as well...
  2. oldflyguy

    TBM constantly banking

    @razghost, I don't understand your phrase "on it's own". Are you using auto pilot as you climb out? If so are you in "HDG" or "Roll" mode? The TBM is such fun to fly I will hand fly it on climb out and I must use right rudder to counter the "left turn" from that huge prop. Don't forget to engage the Yaw Damper as soon as raise your flaps. For what it's worth my old C182Q would want to "go left" on the climb out as well - even with slightly less horse power than the TBM...
  3. Hi Coop! Did a bit of detective work recently. I think I can confirm that this "bobbing" effect is connected to using AP (doesn't matter if it's the G1000 or the 530/430 stack. What happens with all the models is when at altitude and configured so the IAS is at about 170kts or above if the AP is selected this "bobbing" effect occurs. If the AP is left on and MP is reduced at about 160kts or less the "bobbing" will cease or be reduced to the point where I can't detect it easily. If the models are hand flown this effect does not occur at any speed. You may be aware of all this already, I just wanted to confirm what you may already know.
  4. oldflyguy

    TBM900 crashed X-Plane11.4r1 on iMac27

    Hi @ilankrt! There are two reasons. One has nothing to do with whether it's a Radeon or Nvidia - it's the 4GB RAM. The TBM is a demanding model RAM wise and combined with 3rd party scenery it's possible that could be an issue. I don't know anything about your XP install and add-on's I'm just mentioning it a a possible issue. The second reason is that Radeon drivers just don't do OpenGL that well - a known issue with XP. And yes, you should see an improvement with Vulcan. I have Intel / Nvidia right now and when the feedback begins to come in on Vulcan I may switch to AMD / Radeon for my new build sometime this year. One other thought (I"m not a Mac person) - iMac screens use pretty high resolutions, correct? I don't know the particulars but that's a really big factor for you as well. Can you lower the resolution on a Mac?
  5. oldflyguy

    Ovation III engine sounds when cold and dark...

    Enjoying the M20 Collection! Thanks for your support!
  6. oldflyguy

    TBM900 crashed X-Plane11.4r1 on iMac27

    That's the AOA indicator. Wow, I'm thinking that should have zero impact on FPS. However you are using a 4GB Radeon and that probably is a big contributing factor...
  7. oldflyguy

    M20 Collection v4.0.0 PB4 Update Released!

    Note to all. The M20 collection has issues with the "xgs landing speed" plug in. The may not be the cause of your problem but check that you have removed it from the XP resources folder. This has been around since the beginning - just wanted to remind the community. Also @mapletree, you may want to remove all your 3rd party plug-in's to a safe place (desktop) and try again.
  8. oldflyguy

    Ovation III engine sounds when cold and dark...

    Thanks, Coop. My bad here as it happened I had two (20R and 20N) wave files in the same folder. That's what caused the issue with the Ovation III. What is actually an important issue is the "bobbing" along the longitudinal axis the Ovation III exhibits at cruise. We spoke about this a bit on Discord. Do you think this is a flight model thing or a G1000 problem? Latest flight with the Ovation III was a 8000'. 23"/2400RPM, ROP. IAS 167. I will try with the Ovation II and the Acclaim as I have not flown them since the latest update and will let you know.
  9. Good morning. I just installed the most recent update to the Mooney collection (I've had it from day one - original offering). The last few updates (I think) have resulted in engine sounds - only with the Ovation III - when starting from cold and dark or just engine off. This was a known "issue" for a while and I'm wondering if I missed something or this is still something that is being worked on. No biggie as I'm kind of used to it. Just curious.
  10. oldflyguy

    Activation problem

    @Jumtri, I agree with @RobW05. I know that Mac users have had some issues but I can't speak to that. I'm on Windows 10 and have had the TBM from day one. Thinking way back I believe there were some very minor issues with the early versions (nothing that prevented an enjoyable "flight" experience) that were addressed quickly. This aircraft is a rock solid add-on. If you want to try and "hang" a ton of 3rd party "stuff" on your install don't blame the TBM. And please, describe the "so many issues". I'm sure we can help you with some of them...
  11. oldflyguy

    Needed to reauthorize after OS update...

    Thanks, wil do when the time comes. Very close to pulling the trigger on the i9 build...
  12. oldflyguy

    Needed to reauthorize after OS update...

    Thanks, @Goran_M! Don't know where I got the "5" from - probably misunderstood a previous thread on the subject. Anyway, as I understand the process once I reach the 3 activations I will need to deactivate 1 computer to add another activation. My question then is - If all of the activations are on this rig is it ok to deactivate the oldest one in order to add the new one. I understand if all the activations are on different rigs but in this case it's just the one. Please excuse my "thickness" on this as I'm in my 70's (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)...
  13. A quick question for you folks. I just updated Windows 10 to the latest "Feature Update" (1909). When I started XP I got the "email and password" message from X-Aviation and entered the info. At that point a new window opened asking me to name this computer (I know that's supposed to happen but since this is the only computer I use I'd never seen it before). I went ahead an named the computer - no problem. However, having read elsewhere in this forum that X-Aviation allows up to 5 computers to be used, is this my first or second use? It's the same computer and I've done "Feature Updates" in the past without the renaming message. This isn't really an issue for me as I'm probably going to do less than 4 more builds over the years (LOL). Just curious as I don't think this should have occured after an update. By the way, I also had to reactivate the AFL King Air. Different procedure but same "thing"...
  14. oldflyguy

    Skymaxx pro 4.8.1 & Asxp

    Excuse me @dima436393, I've never flown outside the US where I understand that particular measure of distance (Meters) is used. Pardon the misinformation... By the way, did you disable SMP/RWC in this particular instance and see what XP Real World Weather was "saying". I found in some cases where I wasn't sure I was getting the real deal from SMP/RWC and switched over to XP WX, that mode gave me the same result. Although it didn't look as good...
  15. oldflyguy

    Skymaxx pro 4.8.1 & Asxp

    @dima436393, the way I read the Metar provided is: Wind is variable at 2Kts, Ceiling is 1100, Mist with Vertical Visibility at 200 Meters with temp and dew point at freezing. When visibility is less than 1 mile the Metar typically will give that as a fraction of one mile - 1/4M - not in feet unless it's RVR which is not indicated the Metar posted. Vertical visibility is how far up into the indefinate ceiling you can see - not necessarily from the ground