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  1. oldflyguy


    I'm with @Goran_M on this one. I have 16GB RAM as well but have never had a crash with the TBM. Like many XP users I have far too many payware aircraft - I experience much higher FPS and much lower RAM / VRAM usage with all of them. I also use Ortho and the usual suspects for plugin's. The use of HD Mesh AND Ortho AND the TBM has the potential to overwhelm your hardware. The CPU is just "OK" for XP but it is a bit slow - all those cores (over 4) don't help. I have an i5-6600K@4.1, 16GB of 3000 RAM and a 1070 8GB - settings are HDR, max compressed and high objects. No shadows, parked aircraft or AI. Absolutely no issues with the TBM. 35+ FPS at MisterX KLAX. Try disabling the HDMesh - that may help. You have "hung" a lot of "stuff" on your XP install and may have hit a wall...
  2. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    LOL! I never take anything personally and I find all this "stuff" interesting. I do appreciate your timely and informative responses. I am a SMP fan...
  3. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    Good morning Frank! I beginning to see where my issue is with layers. I also loaded up the metar I sent to you and of course I had the same result. The difference is - and you can tell from your screenshot - that the broken layer is supposed to start at about 1200' AGL and goes up to about 6000' (KVUO is at about 20') but the broken layer we see is at about 5000'. That broken layer is certainly "correct" but should be much "thicker" (?). The 2nd layer of overcast at about 11,000' looks correct but I did not fly up there. I can see now that this is where I'm seeing "incorrect" layer info - the layer is there but the altitude and extent (vertically) is still off. And yes, the cloud art looks great. I'm going to post over at the .org site to see if anyone else has picked this up as it may just be an ASXP / SMP, RWC thing...
  4. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    Also, was using Soft HD...
  5. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    Good morning! Man, you are dedicated - I did not expect a response until after the weekend! Here's another Metar file (seems to contain some data). KVUO BKN 012 - 060, OVC 110. Only a BKN layer at about 050 is depicted - clear below. METAR.rwx
  6. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    Here you go! I flew around KLAX where OVC at 012 was reported. Didn't hit a layer until 020 - I thought that this was nit picking so I paused the sim and checked out KPDX (always dependable for layers) and found BKN at 012 through 035, then BKN at 100 as I remember. It was clear until I hit a BKN layer at 054 - I could see another layer above that I assumed was the BKN 100 layer but didn't go there. I does seem something is "off" with those lower layers. This is with SMP, RWC and ASXP. Also using FlyAGI but just for LOD (didn't make a difference when I removed flywithlua). Gotta say, where the layers exist SMP looks pretty good... METAR.rwx
  7. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    Sure, thanks! I'll look for some low level layers and send them your way
  8. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    I'm sure everything is working correctly and configured correctly - it isn't that difficult. (ASXP with SMP and RWC) Still not getting the lower cloud layers. KVUO just now - BKN 017, BKN 030, OVC 060. Only the OVC 060 shows up. It appears that BKN, SCT and FEW layers don't show up when they are very low - say 010 - 030 AGL. Most noticeable departing and arriving at airports obviously. Otherwise SMP cloud depictions are fine. Default XP RW WX shows the layers correctly but once you've experienced the SMP clouds you don't want to go back. What to do??
  9. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    Well Frank, loving the way the latest version is looking. Unfortunately I'm still missing a layer. I just tried a flight out of LAX as there were two layers at that airport - 010 SCT and 050 SCT - the 050 layer was there but couldn't tell about the lower layer until I took off (Dutchess - easy for testing). Sure enough clear as a bell all the way to 050 when I entered the scattered layer. Now that I'm thinking about it the layer(s) I'm most often missing ARE the lower ones. Don't know if this is helpful but it's easy to check out (right now)!
  10. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    I wanted you to know that all is working as it should with ASXP, SMP and RWC. The cloud layers appear to all be there and at the expected altitudes. I've only been able to find 3 layers in my recent "hunt" - hoping to find something a bit more complex. Thank you again for your response and also the quick turn around on the broken installer. Ken
  11. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    Thank you for this information. Downloaded the new .8 version and was able to install RWC - going to check it out later today.
  12. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    Thanks! No worries...
  13. oldflyguy

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    I can confirm that RWC is set to "external injector". Funny, I uninstalled both SMP and RWC (looking to try anything) and now that SMP is re-installed (and seemingly working fine with just XP's WX, by the way) I can't install RWC (as apparently others have found as well) . As Rosanne Rosanna Dana (SNL - yes I'm that old) would say "it's always something". I'll let you know if anything changes as soon as I'm able to install RWC 1.1... '
  14. oldflyguy

    Can't Install RWC in SkyMax 4.8

    Same here. I will open a ticket as well...
  15. I've had SPM (just updated today to .8) and RWC for some months now. I use these with ASXP and as much as I want to like them they don't seem to well with ASXP - the altitudes are still "off" and more importantly the cloud depiction is still missing layers. After updating SPM I tried a test flight at KVUO (looking for layers) about 008 SCT thru 060 then OVC from then on. ASXP without SMP and RWC had the layers spot on (ASXP HiRes Clouds enabled). I restarted with SMP and RWC back in the plug-in's folder and sure enough only had the 060 OVC layer. Totally missing the lower SCT layer. This is not an isolated situation - it seems (after a few months of use) that the SMP/RWC combo is always missing a layer or layers. This could be operator malfunction - if so please let me know what I'm doing wrong.