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    walk around

    Hi, Is there any chance of you implementing a walk around feature in the future? i mean showing oil quantity and quality, tires state,..etc. I know you can check all this things inside the maintenance page, but i would love to go to the maintenance only when is time for it or if i see any unusual behavior, as this page gives you much more info than needed in a preflight inspection and i don´t want to know about this things at this point. I don´t ask from an eye candy point of view (not saying that it would not be great to have a walk around option where you could open the engine cover and check this things with a mouse click for example) but i mean from a practical point of view, lets say some page showing you the results of the preflight inspection (same as the maintenance one but omitting the state of parts that you don´t have access). Just to be clear, this is not a complaint. This is such a fantastic airplane in every way and so beautiful complex rendition that i just feel is a petty to don´t have this feature. Thanks for the plane and for the time to read this
  2. Adrian Ruiz

    few questions

    Hi there, I don´t know if the following is simulated or is a xp g1000 limitation, so here it goes. Is it possible to.... 1. Set the clock to Z time instead of local? 2. Show traffic in the map page? 3. Show weather in the map page? 4. Change TAS indicator from mach to knots? Pressing the speed button changes it from knots to mach, but once mach indication is set i don´t find the way to change it back to knots. Thanks a lot
  3. Adrian Ruiz

    Easier tunning HDG and CRS

    I wanted to make the same comment. Is such a fantastic plane but is a pain to use this knobs. Bigger areas would be awesome
  4. Adrian Ruiz

    Environment Wind Sound

    Yeap...here the same. I don't pay attention to it anymore but it is kind of weird when going out for a preflight inspection moving the camera out of the cabin. Also no difference in the wind sound level with door open or close. At the beginning i thought it was the a/c sound running at all times but nope... definitely the wind.
  5. Adrian Ruiz

    X-Plane crash log

    Hi, I was experiencing also CTDs, especially the first one "2018-11-10 16:53:33 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000" very often. I stoped flying the TBM for this reason waiting for an update . After few days i couldn´t wait longer so i uninstall the TBM and delete every folder and file. I also delete the preferences folder in X plane. After reinstalling everything is working as expected. No CTDs so far and also other problems are solved (i was listening air conditioning working in the cabin at all times, even in cold and dark for example). So i think is worth a try.
  6. Adrian Ruiz

    Crash always after a flight during shut down check list

    I just have another CTD and this happens before start the engine. This log looks different. Log.txt
  7. Adrian Ruiz

    Crash always after a flight during shut down check list

    Well i forgot about Headshake by simcoders. I also use that. And may be this is another topic but i remember reading a post here about someone having a ctd in the middle of the flight and when reloading, clicking yes in the continue flight option, every system was state persistent except the engine lever set to cut off giving him a bad time trying to fire it up in flight. Well in my case is much more nice situation as i am on the ground and i am about to shut down the engine myself before the ctd happens, so when i continue flight is one thing less to do But yeah, it happens to me to, after ctd engine lever start in cut off position no matter what. Thanks for your time
  8. Hello, My sim crashes during the shutting down process after completing my flight. I found this line in the log. "2018-11-11 18:31:44 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000" is the last line at the moment of the crash" Anyway attach the log file to this post. I´m using pilotedge, X-camera and fotoscenery. Other than that not addons. The crashes happen like 1 to 2 minutes after i disconnect from pilotedge. Any idea? Log.txt
  9. Adrian Ruiz

    [SOLVED] State between flights

    I know the temps should be close to the OAT, but is not happening in my case. This is why i started the topic in the first place. And trust me i´m shutting down the airplane correctly, as i want to learn about it deeply i´m following the POH. I believe he means the fix will be included in the next update so it will be in everybody inbox.
  10. Adrian Ruiz

    [SOLVED] State between flights

    I´m very jealous I tried deactivating the remember position at airport option but still, when i fire up x-plane the next day i can still listen the engine doing the "clink clank sounds" that the engine does after shut down and my temps are like i left them. I didn´t experience any other bug o weird thing with the airplane. However i´m very happy because i know this will be temporally. This developers are amazing!!! And the airplane is everything i was dreaming for and missing in X- plane. Really really TOP stuff!
  11. Adrian Ruiz

    [SOLVED] State between flights

    Hi there, every time I finish a flight I shut down the plane, close the sim, and when I come back the next day I find the airplane state to be the same as I left it. I don’t mean switches what is very cool, but also the engine temperatures. The airplane don’t cool down when simulator is not connected. I understand this is not the way is suppose to be. Any idea? Thank you so much in advance