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  1. blackshe3p

    IAS and CLIMB mode not working

    You are a legend! Tag this as solved Thank you
  2. blackshe3p

    IAS and CLIMB mode not working

    Hi, having just purchased the Saab 340 I have an issue with the autopilot. I cant seem to get the vertical modes IAS and CLIMB to work. VS mode works fine. Please see below video, I might also be doing something wrong Saab 340 Vertical Modes
  3. blackshe3p

    [SOLVED] Pitot R - GPU toggle

    Haha yes I got the same with the latest update
  4. blackshe3p

    No Map on MFD

    I had the same, see if that works
  5. blackshe3p

    [SOLVED] MFD showing no map

    Reloading the plane in the sim seems to have fixed it. I have no Saitek switch panel. Thanks
  6. blackshe3p

    [SOLVED] MFD showing no map

    Hi! I cant figure out why there is no map displayed on the MFD and also there is the fault "XPDR fail". Can't find anything in the docs and got no sim faults enabled. Happens with fresh airframe as well. From watching some tutorials I would consider this a bug. Is it?