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  1. mcritzman

    TBM Keeps rolling to the left

    I had the same problem with rolling left after 11.35. It went back to normal when I re-calibrated my yoke within x-plane.
  2. mcritzman


    + 1 for that same error. Log 10.29.18 CTD.txt
  3. mcritzman

    Fuel nozzle fail

    And I forgot to say that the fuel nozzle condition was as new when I restarted xplane.
  4. mcritzman

    Fuel nozzle fail

    Thank you for a great product and customer service! From my log.txt: 2018-10-27 10:43:11 TBM900[fail.c:931]: Component fuel nozzles has failed due to excessive wear (worn: 0.006632%, slope 0.5, rate: 0.000%/s). You can prevent this by observing performance limitations and servicing the aircraft regularly in the maintenance hangar. 2018-10-27 10:43:11 TBM900[fail.c:934]: Failure impact: tbm900/failures/fuel/noz_clog_full I turned off the INERT SEP with 75% torque at around 6000 ft. and I overtorqued the engine at 102% for less than 5 seconds, but kept it at between 89 and 96% through FL 240 when my engine quit at FL 240. ITT and Ng were in the green. Was the fuel nozzle failure due to my overtorque or a bug? Log 10.27.18 engine quit.txt