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    There was a bug in the bug reporting system ... now fixed. Explained here. Probably will work now.
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    No Runway on SVS - Random Airport

    I have experienced this all the time as I traveled up the coast from KSAN, stopping every 100 or so miles. Now, if I take off from some airport and do touch and go-s, I'm fine; the SV shows the runway on landing. But fly far enough and there's no runway on landing. My current conclusion is that the problem arises when "too far" means loading new scenery, that is, when you cross a degree boundary of the underlying scenery grid. That specific notion may be an idiotic conclusion, of course; I haven't gathered enough data. Also, to note, if I land at an airport where the runway does not appear in SV, stopping, say on the runway itself, all I need do is reload the aircraft and the runway appears. 1.1.3 on V11.26 Richard