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  1. ayarov

    SkyMaxx Pro v4 Announcement!

    Great to see SMP going to v 4. Looks like a very promising upgrade. Looking very much forward to people streamin it when it gets released. After that I will consider purchasing it.
  2. spoilers work for me finally on touchdown. thanks!
  3. this is great news Frank! hope to see update of RWC with this feature soon!!!
  4. ayarov

    Weird flare behaviour

    Reading about the art of t/d with the 737 might I suggest something: It would be great if Jan could produce a couple of landings where he also records his joystick(throttle and stick/yoke) movements. that would be really awsome and might help newbies and veterans get better at landing this beauty
  5. It seems it's not high on the developers list to investigate into this matter as x-plane ATC is not really a hot feature of x-plane and used only by few
  6. ayarov

    Pay for freeware??

  7. ayarov

    The B737 Classic Project

    Tom, I am very glad to hear that the option with starting in the air is tested and possible. Thank you for the explanation!
  8. ayarov

    The B737 Classic Project

    Very nice video! I have a question. When you do such test like in the video, do you start loaded in the air and land or do you first do the whole start up and take off procedure and then prepare for land? Since you said you are repeating certain situations dozens of times I suppose you have come up with a way to spare yourself needless iterations of systems you have already checked. Keep up the great work. Very much looking forward to seeing this acf released!
  9. I decided not to dig further into the issue because the sadly underdeveloped XP10 ATC does not deserve it...
  10. ayarov

    Misc Scenery Resources - MOON - HD Enhancement Pack

    Thanks for your reply. Its a pitty we have such a crappy looking moon when almost everything is more or less smooth. I was hoping your addon would alter thata. Have a nice day!
  11. ayarov

    Misc Scenery Resources - MOON - HD Enhancement Pack

    Hi, thanks for the add-on. I tried it today, using XP10.21 and the 4K DDS What I noticed is that there is no visual difference when I look at the moon from my cockpit. The difference is noticed greatly when I zoom my view on the moon, then I see the enormous details of the texture. I guess that's how X-Plane works, Please find attached screenshots. The first one is without any zoom, the second and third ones are zoomed. I also attach my rendering settings for info
  12. ayarov

    CRJ Cruising Level Problems

    There is an extensive topic about this issue here A workaround exists, it has something to do with the autopilot constants, as far as I remember, the devs did not want to accept it as a bug because not everybody experience this issue.
  13. Hey just updated he CRJ to v1.5 Loaded up XP10.10 activated as usual, then restarted XP Doing the checklist and when I press POS INIT, X-Plane freezes and crashes!
  14. Hi Phillip, I can confirm that both with the plane in cold and dark and with everything up and running the AI planes do not move. If I load the defaul 777 they start moving, and the moment I load the CRJ everything on the ground freezes. One more thing, the planes in the air move alright, but they land really weird, the nose poing almost vertically towards the ground and needless to say the land looks very very hard. Really funny behavior
  15. Well in my case it is pretty much the Avionics plugin of the CRJ that causes the planes to stop moving. The second I disable it the planes rush to their assigned locations. In rare cases I see planes moving very, and I mean very very slowly, more like snails when the plugin is running.