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  1. Yes. But this is for me careless. And when 99% support this kind than this do not mean automatically that this is good . And yes, I also know that I am not perfect .
  2. I merged the files into one folder and do not see any difference till now. From x-aviation I got the answer that they do not support case sensitive systems. Unix/Linux the file systems are always case sensitive.... Big Apples are something others than little apples. Ok, this is now a principal philosophy and more OT.
  3. Ah, ok. No I have e.g. "../SAAB 340A/Passanger Variant/objects" and "../SAAB 340A/Passanger Variant/Objects". So when I understand this correct all files should be in one coresponding folder with the name "objects". E.g. ".../Passenger Variant/objects" all file from "objects" and "Objects". Interresting, Maybe somebody was not carefully with writing the names when create the installer. I will report this to X-Aviation. Hmm, till now I did not see any side effect of this. I will collect files all together and look wether I see on difference.. Thank you Peter
  4. Hi, today I made a backup copy of my x-plane to an older HD which is formated case insensitive. My system HD is formated case sensitive. There I got one error message that there is/are files/folder with same name and stopped copying. I looked and found in the "SAAB 340A/Cargo Variant" and "Passenger Variant" folders with the name "objects" and "Objects" and I think one was "OBJECTS" at one other place. My questions is: As the most mac systems are formated "case insensitive" How is this working there that during install the date this folders do not override each other? Or should be all data in the same objects folder? In my eyes this is a critical situation and may result in strange behaviors. Regards Peter
  5. Hi, yes this was the reason. I "renamed" all these files with lower case letters. Now, no error message in the log files and I can listen the alert sounds. Well, I did not check all possible errors but I think now all sounds are loaded. Thanks for the hint with the logfile Peter P.S.: fantastic bird!
  6. Hi, JGregory thank you very much for your answer. I attach the two log files. I was looking in and I think I found the problem. I saw that all this files which are missed have capital letters in the filename. My HD is formated case sensitive and then these are not found. This files which are missed the names for these are written in lower case letter. The good is that you have a working error handler. I will check this, rename this filenames, and report. Thanks a lot Peter Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  7. I am not shure wether I'm wrong. I thought when I switch of the autopilot then should come an acustic alarm. But I listen nothing. I only have this red flag in the instrument which become white when I press the AP button. I also do not listen any other alarm execpt this spoken warnings to pull up, ground warning and so on. Other sounds like the click of the switche in the overhead panel, wind, flaps, gear and so on I listen. In the settings for the sounds all are complete right and 100%. Do I miss something or is this normal? Thanks for answers Peter
  8. pirascha

    Reference speeds, used fuel, and power lever detents

    The maximum speeds for the different flap settings: In "systems.pdf" page 29 and 34.
  9. OK, who is reading complete has an advantage ;). BTW is there one list with all LES specific refs?
  10. pirascha

    CRS1 via joystick button possible?

    Yes sim/autopilot/heading_up and heading_down ist working but the coresponding animated knob ist not rotating. If you wish that this is rotating then better use LES/CMD/autopilot/APCP/turn_knob_pos LES/CMD/autopilot/APCP/turn_knob_neg I think is better, if defined, to use the definition which are coming with the plain. Beginning with LES/...
  11. Hi, try LES/CMD/APCP/lever/AP_engage_disengage