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  1. Renaissanceman

    TBM-900 Release Date Announcement & Previews!

    Good choice of airplane to develop. With your skills, this will be interesting indeed. Bravo!
  2. Renaissanceman

    Weird phenomenon: popup menus can't be closed

    I also have a 4K monitor, the popup menus to the right are quite small. Try going to the very right hand of your screen and (almost) the top . That's where my menus are.
  3. Renaissanceman

    Activation Hang Up

    Hello, The activation on the SAAB340 seems to hang up on "Authenticating", attached is the Gizmo log. I am mario.bergeron@shaw.ca, order 67925 GizmoLog.txt EDIT: my antivirus was blocking access to the internet to X-aviation. All good.
  4. Renaissanceman

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Thank you for the update! Always good to see developers keep active on their products. I have a real newbie question: Do we install the new file over the pre-existing installation?
  5. Renaissanceman

    OBS 1 and 2 (CRS 1 and 2 knobs) joystick shortcuts

    Thank you kindly @mmerelles, is this under the general X-plane 11 sim commands or specific to the LES SAAB304?
  6. First, congrats to the LES team on making a beautiful and complex SAAB 340A. I see them fly out of CYYC on a daily basis under the WestJet and Pacific Coastal liveries. Great accompanying documentation. Well-worth the money. Question: What is the joystick / keyboard command to move the CRS1 / CRS2 knobs? I saw on a keyboard map the it is SHIFT+Q, SHIFT+W / SHIFT+E, SHIFT+R.
  7. Renaissanceman

    X Camera conflicts

    Thanks @xterminator24 good tip