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  1. Hello friends, While I do indeed like the failure system in the TBM I thought it would be nice to have the ability to toggle it on or off. There have been times where I just wanted to fly the TBM without having to worry about something failing like the left main gear strut while taxiing for departure. Not that that's happened to me before.
  2. Hello friends, I have an odd problem I was hoping one of you could help me with? I'm on X-Plane 11.34r1 and my resolution settings won't save. I want to run X-Plane at my monitors native resolution and refresh rate which is 1920x1080 @ 144Hz, so I select this in the drop down menu and click done. But it reverts back to "Default Monitor Settings" (whatever that is) the next time I boot up XP which causes some of my addons to stop working properly. Now, I know what you're thinking "It's more than likely an issue with UAC." and my counter to that argument is that I have XP installed on a separate hard drive. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Does anyone know how to fix this? It gets old having to change my resolution every time I boot up XP. EDIT: I double checked my settings in Windows 10 and my refresh rate is set at 144Hz.
  3. I just saw that 11.33 was officially released today. Is it safe to update X-Plane?
  4. What speeds are you getting?
  5. Most if not all aircraft manufactures base their top speed off of TAS (true airspeed).
  6. NeoPyro

    Blown Tire at FL300

    I dunno if this is one of those so-called "X-Plane being X-Plane moments" or a bug with the TBM but while cruising at FL300 the tire on the nose gear blew or at least according to X-Plane. The thing is after I landed and shutdown the aircraft I checked the maintenance hanger and couldn't find anything wrong but visually looking at the aircraft the tire on the nose gear does appear to be flat. Also, I must commend the team on the new ground handling physics. The aircraft is an absolute pleasure to fly now. Log.txt
  7. NeoPyro

    great airplane except ground handling

    Yup, she is VERY stable now. Quite pleasant to hand fly.
  8. NeoPyro

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    After updating to 1.1.9 this message pops up every time I load the TBM.
  9. NeoPyro

    Autopilot Won't Hold Altitude

    Did you set your altitude with the altitude dial on the autopilot panel before takeoff or press the "ALT" button after you leveled off?
  10. NeoPyro

    great airplane except ground handling

    I find the takeoff roll is a lot more manageable with the rudder trim in the neutral position. Also, I don't know how to fit this into my post, but here is a screenshot of my sensitivity settings. They work great for me but as I'm sure everyone knows, YMMV.
  11. NeoPyro

    Other version of Ground Steering possible? [Answered]

    Hopefully, this video will help some of you with the takeoff roll in this aircraft. Skip to right around 24:45.
  12. NeoPyro

    Fuel Calculations

    Hello everyone, Like @jvp89 I still have the same issue in 1.1.8. Log.txt
  13. NeoPyro

    MFD screen blank and unresponsive

    Yeah, I think it was a simple MFD failure. I flew from EGPK to BIRK using the same route and this time no matter what I did I could not replicate the results of the "incident" flight.
  14. NeoPyro

    MFD screen blank and unresponsive

    No, I do not.
  15. NeoPyro

    MFD screen blank and unresponsive

    I was on a rather long flight tonight from EGPK to BIRK and about midway through my flight between GOMUP and LARUX I zoomed the MFD out to a range of 200 NM. Well, a few minutes after doing this I opted to minimize XP in order to do something else on my computer and when I went to check on my progress 15 minutes later this was waiting for me. As you can see both PFD's have this after-image on the left side and the map portion of the MFD is black and doesn't respond to any key presses. Log.txt