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    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    Awesome! Thank you!
  2. DeltaTango

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    I noticed on the App Store preview pictures a page with Vspeeds and trim settings, but I couldn't find them in the app. Is this a feature for later on?
  3. DeltaTango

    v1.5.1 Artificial Stability

    The second screenshot labeled v1.5.1 is from a fresh download. So your "HIGH SPEED SYSTEM" value for 1.5.1 is set to 0.001?
  4. DeltaTango

    v1.5.1 Artificial Stability

    When I made the original post, 11.26. Now I'm on 11.30.
  5. DeltaTango

    v1.5.1 Artificial Stability

    After updating to v1.5.1 I noticed the aircraft was noticeably less stable than v1.5, especially on the roll axis. I kept a back-up of v1.5 so I compared the values that can affect flight performance for each version in Plane Maker. The only difference I noticed were the values corresponding to when the High Speed Artificial Stability System is in use. In v1.5 this value is set to 0,001kt, while in v1.5.1 it is set to 9,999kts. Which value is correct? v.1.5.1 is much more difficult to control than v1.5 was. I have uploaded 2 screen shot of the Art Stab screen in Plane Maker, which are labeled corresponding to their version. Thank you for you help.
  6. DeltaTango

    Saab 340A Livery Lineup

    @CameronThat's what I thought but it isn't available to install anymore.
  7. DeltaTango

    Saab 340A Livery Lineup

    Was checking liveries and I noticed the Aloha Air Cargo is not available in the download manager. Was this livery removed?
  8. DeltaTango

    1.5.1 Update Observations

    I can confirm #2 as well. The trim almost maxes out in the up position on approach on 1.5.1. I re-installed a back up of 1.5 to test and the trim setting stayed within the green. The aircraft's roll axis in 1.5.1 seems more unstable too.